Powerful Atlantean Mind Nymph

Powerful Atlantean Mind Nymph <br /><br />

Here is brand new piece that we just finished testing.  It is a powerful piece for enlightenment of the mind.  If you have been experiencing dull moments, or if you feel as though somebody may be casting mind altering or mind controlling spells on you, then this is your remedy.  If you are simply searching for a powerful mind piece to rid you of the pollutants of modern society, then this piece will also work for you.  It houses magic that existed before the modern day stuff that you see now-a-days and we have certified it to be authentic. <br /><br />

This piece is an ancient Atlantean Mind Nymph that holds the powers of the ancient race of beings that was were dispersed due to a major cataclismin event that took place eons ago... in fact, it was one of the previous times that a planetary alignment occurred.  Anyway, the nymph served as a prophet in one of the Holy Temples of Atlantis, but unfortunately when Atlantis was destroyed, there were no more Holy Temples to prophecy at.  <br /><br />

When the people of Atlantis were dispersed half of them found their way to Egypt and became the ancient Egyptians.  The other half found their way to Central America and became the Mayans.  This particular Nymph was sent on her way to Egypt, where she served a pivotal role in founding and solidifying the ancient race of people.  She was known as the Grand Oracle, because she received messages and prophecy from the realm of Gods that helped the Egyptians flourish.<br /><br /> 

When the Octavian defeated Mark Antony and his lover Cleopatra in 30 BC the Grand Oracle was fell into the hands of the Romans; but not before she left her impact on Egypt-- and the world.  She gave the Pharoahs the secret geometric and astrological magic that was necessary to build the Great Pyramids and Sphinx.  She gave them their magic and unlocked the realm that was the Egyptian Pantheon.  Her magic is both dark and light in nature, but there must always be a balance of good and evil, so I would say she is more of a neutral power, full of all types of ancient wisdom. <br /><br /> 

When she changed hands to the Romans is when the Romans went from being a Republic to an Empire.  She gave the Roman Emperors all the powers they needed to rule virutually half of the world as it was known back then.  She gave them the powers that they needed to be successful rules while unlocking an entirely different, but similar pantheon of power to them. <br /><br />

She will share the rest of her story with you, if you give her a chance. Just know that when you host this Atlantean Mind Nymph, you are in for a world full of change.  She will bond with your soul, elevating your existence to that of the ancient Atlanteans.  This will leave you purified in both mind and body.  You will gain the elevated mental capacity of Atlantis.  You will be take to the Holy Temple of the New Atlantean Realm, where you will be given powers of enlightenment.  <br /><br />

After you have been given this most holy and prized divination, you will be given the powers of the Nymph.  Her magic includes astrological powers, ancient Egyptian powers, and even ancient Mayan powers (her cousin was sent the Mayan way).  You will be given ancient psychic abilities including the ability to receive prophecy from the realm of all Gods, the ability to release the powers of Pantheons, the ability to manifest powers, the ability to control all Earthly elements, and the ability to communicate telepathically directly with the minds of Gods and higher spirits.  You will also be given the power to read peoples minds and interject their thoughts with subliminal mind control. <br /><br />

This piece is very powerful.  Jason and I tested it and were given the powers to create our very own powers.  I won't tell you what powers we decided to create, but the point is that the ability and capabilities in this piece are endless.  She is ready to go, but you must make a commitment to her!!  Are you ready, also?? <br /><br />  

Powerful Atlantean Mind Nymph
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