Powers from King Arthur's Real Roundtable

Powers from King Arthur's Real Roundtable<br /><br />

I read an article in a magazine not too long ago that reminded me that
I had this item packed in my office.  I had meant to put it on a while
ago, but I simply forgot.  I have so much to do sometimes.  However,
this piece is going to be a huge hit, so you definitely want to keep
on reading. <br /><br />

It seems as though, archaeologists have discovered King Arthur's
roundtable in Scotland.  It is part of an Earthform known as King's
Knot, located at Stirling Castle.  Archaeologists at Glasgow
University have used non-invasive technology to survey the land using
remote-sensing geophysics.  They say that there is a circular object
embedded in the site that pre-dates the rest of the site, which is
viewable with the naked human eye. <br /><br />

Plans to confirm the exciting new find are underway, but don't get
your underwear in a bunch about scientifically proving anything when
it comes to King Arthur's Roundtable.  The Secret Society of
Roundtable Freemasons, an obviously Masonic and covert society, has
gone to long lengths to make sure that this never happens.  Why?
Because the roundtable has long been hidden, siting it's magical
ability.  Holding seances and rituals at this table has been known to
grant unearthly magical and alchemical abilities.  Why do you think
there isnt any concrete proof of King Arthur's existence.  It's all
hidden. <br /><br />

The roundtable does exist, however.  and sitting at it will give
anybody the full magical and alchemical ability of King Arthur
himself.  Now, you could go to great lengths like some people have to
find the table.  Or, if you have a strong fancy for King Arthur and
his round table, you could simply obtain this item. <br /><br />

This piece has been created using King Arthur's alchemy from a stone
that chipped of the table centuries ago.  I can't say for sure when
the stone was tranformed into this piece, but I can tell you that is
has been within the last few decades.  The stone remained with one of
the Roundtable Freemasons in the US, until he transformed into into
this more practicle and more easily worn piece.  I received the piece
at an estate sale in New Jersey.  I made the immediately connection,
took it home, tested it, and packed it away.  <br /><br />

Originally, I was going to keep this piece for myself, but... what the
heck??  I am now making this piece available to a very special
customer.  The piece will allow you project a holographic version of
the roundtable, at which you will "sit".  Once you are seated, you
will be knighted by the spirit form of King Arthur.  You will obtain
his magic, his secret form of dual core powers.  YOu will obtain his
alchemy, which is a pure form of alchemy that not only allows you to
use rocks and metal, but any naturally occuring element on the face of
the Earth.  You can use this magic for anything you see fit.<br /><br

There are no limitations, as this is a raw form of pure magic.  You
will also receive the divine protection and magic of Excalibur, King
Arthur's trusty sword and side kick.  There is really no double for
the magic you are receiving!! <br /><br />

Jason tested this piece, and I know he was also hesitant to get rid of
it.  However, we are good to our customers.  This piece is now being
made available on a first-come, first-served basis.<br /><br />

Powers from King Arthur's Real Roundtable
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