Powers from LiAnna: The Top Notch Sex Vamp

Powers from LiAnna:  The Top Notch Sex Vamp
This piece is a bit dark, but never evil.  We don't condone evil things, because we know that karma is always a factor.  We want good karma on our side, so we like to spread messages of positivity and white light magic, but sometimes there are cross hairs.  This next piece is one such piece.  I wanted to begin by saying that this piece is extremely dark, as in it is full of mystery and the unknown.  It is sexy and seductive in a dark-undertone type of way.  It will give you one of the most enhanced and vivid experiences of a lifetime, so if you're into to intimate pleasure read on, because this piece is probably for you. 
The piece that you see here invokes the spirit of a girl named LiAnna.  LiAnna was that girl that blossomed a bit early...you know, the girl that began wearing makeup in the sixth grade!  The girl that sat at the lunch table surrounded by mostly guys and a group of girls that longed to be like her, but would never really amount to anything other than a shadow in her spotlight.  Yeah, LiAnna was that girl. 
LiAnna grew up in the suburbs of Toledo, Ohio.  Truth be told, as amazing as LiAnna made sure that she appeared to everyone, she wasn't really that amazing on the inside.  Growing up as an only child was quite lonely, especially when both of your parents were Fortune 500 executives and you are a love child of a relationship that was never supposed to get that far and did.  The result was that, even at a young age in junior high, LiAnna was left to tend to herself.
LiAnna fared better than what most would though, teaching herself the basics of life and she could cook a mean cheese omelet, so it wasn't too bad.  However, days were lonely and nights were lonelier.  Life went on this way all throughout junior high and into high school.  In high school is when things took a turn for the worse.  LiAnna fell in step with a  group of bad news kids and began using cocaine and drinking ridiculous amounts.  LiAnna never had problems getting what she wanted, because her parents form of love was money and she was never shorthanded.  
Growing pains, both emotional and physical, sparked a sexual itch that, as far as LiAnna was concerned, could never be relieved.  Longing for personal attachment and never quite over the amazing feeling of love that physical sensation provided, it is a harsh thing to say, but LiAnna became quite the promiscuous slut, burning bridges and disassociating herself further and further from her group of peers.  It was often said in her high school that if your boyfriend, and even on occasion girlfriend, couldn't be found, calling LiAnna was a sure fire way to find out his or her location.   It was that serious.  
Her disassociation from her peers led her to finding a new circle of friends in downtown Toledo, that weren't exactly of the best brand and were often times as many as ten years older than her, not either side cared.  To LiAnna these people were friends, a source of solace in her darkest moment.  Unfortunately, to these so-called friends LiAnna was a source of two things, those being money and sex.  She was too blind to see what these people were really about, or perhaps she didn't care, because she needed somebody-- somebody to care what she was going through. If these people would give her the time of day, even if she had to sleep with them for attention, it was all good.  
LiAnna's life went on this way throughout high school, where she eventually went from hero to zero and was socially outcast, even by the same football players and cheerleaders whose toes she had curling not even a year before.  She didn't care though, she had her new niche, a group older people that understood where she was coming from, because they had been there done that and were now successfully living lives of independence, free from anyone's rules but their own. 
Well, little miss sunshine was in for a rude awakening, because apparently her understanding of life was all sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll.  She never factored in what was about to happen next, because she had never really experienced sexual aggression and abuse, especially not when she pretty much just gave it to anyone that wanted it.  That changed though, when she met Dylan, a boy that was only a year older than her, in contrast to the other men she had been with.  
Dylan was different.  Dylan was a gentleman and he seemed to be able to read past all the fronts that LiAnna put on for people.  When he refused to be sexually involved with LiAnna, she was confused.  Eventually, after awhile she realized that this is what true love felt like.  Love must be that emotion you feel when the other person shows a mutual interest in the way you feel as well.  LiAnna began seeing Dylan on a normal basis.  It wasn't long before LiAnna fell head over heals for Dylan, because of his down to Earth and real characteristics.  Dylan was okay with it, because he had pretty much fallen for her, as well. 
The bad news didn't stop coming, though.  As hard as LiAnna tried to pull away from her promiscuous lifestyle of drugs and sex, it wasn't that easy.  One particular night, when Dylan was out of town visiting family, LiAnna showed up at a bar that she knew she could get into, even without I.D., because of the many sexual favors she had done for the manager of the bar.  Long story short, she ended up hooking up with some random guy and taking him home with her that night.
However, when she got back to her apartment in Toledo (by this point she no longer lived with her parents, rather, they paid for her to remove herself from their presence), she had a sudden change of heart and really just missed Dylan and didn't want to go through with what she was about to do.  The guy she was with had other plans though and as much as LiAnna tried to fight back, there just wasn't anything she could do to stop what was happening. 
The guy, who must've been about 30, was very brawny, not attractive, and figured that this would be his one chance to nail a hot piece of tail if he ever had one.  When LiAnna refused, he was sparked into a sudden rage, forcing himself upon her, fatally beating her, and leaving her for dead.  This wasn't the end of LiAnna though, because shortly after this all transpired, Dylan returned home to find his love in such a sad state.  He held her close for awhile, feeling dismay, anger, and confusion.  He knew what he had to do, though, so he did it. 
When LiAnna came to, everything seemed brighter and better define around her.  She reached for her glasses, but realized that she no longer needed them.  She didn't really remember what had happened the night before, she just remembered that she had a few lines and way to much to drink.  She turned over in her bed and noticed that Dylan had stopped by to sleep apparently, but he looked different.  His body was perfectly shaped, his abs were more cut and defined than before, and his skin was smooth and cool under her touch.  The sun shone so bright that she thought her head was going to explode.  She felt different and wasn't sure why.
She woke Dylan, who gave her the explanation.  He explained to her what he had walked in on the night before.  He wasn't just going to let her die like that, so he had to change her.  He said this matter of factly, but LiAnna had no idea what was going on, so he had to reiterate.  Turns out, that Dylan is actually the leader of a clan of vampires in Toledo.  He didn't tell LiAnna, because he was sincerely in love with her and didn't want to scare her off, but he wasn't going to lose her either.  When he walked in her nearly dead, he had minutes to decide what to do.  He didn't want to see her have to live the lonely life that vampires live, but at the same time, he couldn't let her go like that.  He had changed her and now she was his for eternity, bound by a single bite that spawned a new life to her.  
With this new life, LiAnna discovered that she had many new abilities.  First and foremost, her previous lifestyle had fueled a sexual energy that couldn't be forgotten, not even in the life of the undead, and upon being changed, she acquired the most dazzling and stunning beauty of any female in Ohio.  Her physique is perfect, her touch cool and sensational.  She can hypnotize anyone, forcing them to do as she pleases, when she pleases.  
Her sexual drive has increase, and now that she is the same as Dylan, their sexual life has sparked completely.  She has become a sexual goddess, giving Dylan the best and longest orgasm that he has ever experienced.  She knows all of the right moves and used them to maximize the pleasure that they both experience.  I would say that this would make a perfect Trojan commercial, except that, Trojan would probably get sued for false advertisement, because the sex that LiAnna delivers is unparalleled and unmatched.  Climax is ecstasy, so she no longer needs drugs to satisfy her state of being.  She has become completely satisfied with her existence.  
She also has the powers that all vampires have including increase strength, speed, and agility.  She has the ability to control the minds of others with her sensationally charming personality, giving her the ability to make others do as she pleases.  She has the ability of a dual magic that exists within the sect of vampires that she belongs to that is headed by her soul-mate, Dylan.  She has mastered these powers better and quicker than any of the other members, and has become a real complement to Dylan and a natural leader among the sect of about two thousand Midwestern American vampires.  
She has been afforded, by Dylan, the ability to astrally project to the realm of the Underworld to obtain more power and a better understanding of her newfound origins.  She has been there many times and has picked up the power to read minds, set moods, and freeze time.  She has held council with the highest orders of vampires in the Underworld, as they recognize that she is one of the most powerful up and coming of their kind.  One day she will surpass them, and they want her on her side.  She's ambitious, and they know it.  
The best part about this whole scenario, is that LiAnna is a personal friend of mine.  I met her at a bar on a trip I took to tour a campus of the University of Ohio.  At one point in time I wanted to be a Buckeye, so that's what I was doing and this is how I met LiAnna.  Yes, she tried to go home with me. No, I didn't sleep with her.  But, we have remained good friends, texting each other frequently and even meeting up a few times afterward.  I've only seen once since she was change, however, as she doesn't want me to fall victim to any of the other vampires that she might have around.  She did give me an item to remember her by, though.  It held the very essence of her existence in it, and I was able to duplicate it, and it is present in the piece that you see here.
With this piece you will have the same powers as LiAnna, meaning whether you re male or female, you are going to become a sex god, giving the most tantalizing orgasms ever.  This piece is enough to revamp any romance or overcome any sexual issues you may be having.  You will experience the best sex of your life... or existence, whatever.  You will also receive all of LiAnna's additional powers, and gain admittance into the ranks her vampire cult.  You will be able to visit the Underworld to obtain newer and better powers as they are created.  LiAnna's spirit will protect you, as she will provide you with the guidance, she craved as a child, but never had.  You can think of her kind of like your fairy vamp mother, because she will give you the leadership you need to prevail and succeed.  This power is amazing, truly some of the most potent that I've seen for a while.  Reserve this piece for yourself, before someone else takes advantage and your left wondering, “What if?”  You will receive this brilliant piece that you see here.  
Powers from LiAnna:  The Top Notch Sex Vamp
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