Powers from the Lost People

You Do Mu?~

Mu is a continent that is noted to have sank in the Pacific Ocean, rather than the Atlantic like many at first believed.

James Churchward claimed the actual location in 1926 when he described a country with a far superior culture that had disappeared together with its continent in the aftermath of a volcanic eruption.

Divers were sent several times to explore the surface of the ocean to search for relics that were left on the continent. The searches came up empty handed again and again because they were searching in the Atlantic Ocean, not the Pacific.

Deedee is friends with a man named Thomas who led an exploration to search the Pacific Ocean just a few years back; there were underwater structures that were discovered that were shown to be remnants of Mu, near Japan.

Pieces of the remnants were brought back to be investigated and we were able to collect a few slivers of the rock.

The conclusion verified that these pieces did hold aspects that were proclaimed to be part of the former continent of Mu.

Investigators and implications that were found carved in stones indicate the true intelligence and wealth of Mu; the pieces that we received were crushed up and melted into the casting of the piece you see below.

The energy in this item is incredible!! It holds the ability to bring you wealth, prosperity and a presence that will be noted by all who pass you by.

The citizens that lived on Mu were prestigious and honorable, their bodies decayed upon the rocks after the tragic earthquakes destroyed their homes. The remnants of this piece holds minerals of these honored delegates and when wearing this you are energized with their pure way of living before all the media and modern necessities of life.

You will be wealthy in all areas, love, family, friends and your personality will be revitalized and made to be clear of null aspects that will bring forth a new foundation of extreme power to you in present day.

Awesome historic item with foundational powers of the past~

Powers from the Lost People
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