Powers of Malta: The Everything Ring

Powers of Malta:  The Everything Ring<br /><br />

If you have been waiting, searching our website for the perfect piece-- this one is it.  It is the most powerful piece that we have put through in a long, long time.  It was the original possession of a member of the Knights of Malta.<br /><br /> 

The Knights of Malta are formally known as the Sovereign Military Order of St. John of Jerusalem.  Today, they are basically the protectorate of the Catholic Church.  With that being said, they are still a sovereign military body; however, they no longer have to use their military might to get what they want.<br /><br /> 

The group is a closed Fraternity of the Roman Catholic Church.  You must be Catholic to get in, and much like the violent gangs in America, once you get in, you don't get out.  Once you become fraternized within the group, they share with you the great secret of the magic that they hold within their ranks.  There isn't much known about this magic, because of the great lengths the Knights of Malta go to in an attempt to keep their magic covert.  The have been successful keeping their secret since the 12th Century.  They will not be compromised.<br /><br /> 

However, I have received this piece and I will not tell you by whom, because he has been threatened by the Knights several times.  He has gone into hiding, which is no easy feat when a vast majority of the world has some sort of Roman Catholic influence.  Not only that, the Knights are a huge proponent of the NWO and the society that they are building as we speak. <br /><br />

Like I've said, this ring is the original possession of a high-ranking Knight of Malta.  The powers in this ring come from the Sacred Mirror of Malta.  This mirror is a relic that holds the powers from the Holy of Holies at the Hypogeum of Malta at Hal-Salfieni.  This structure has been built by the ancients and fortified with an ancient energy that was instrument in the development of the existence of man.<br /><br /> 

The mirror was sanctified with the power from the Holy of Holies.  The Holy of Holies is set up as so:  there are three Trilithon that border themselves, one inside of the other.  In the center of the smallest Trilithon there is a porthole that once served as a portal and gateway to Heaven.  This is no longer the case, because the knights have deflected this power into the Mirror of Malta.<br /><br /> 

The Knights use this Mirror of Malta to reflect the power that was once in the porthole in the Holy of Holies.  The mirror function in two ways.  First, it acts as a door to the realm of the afterlife-- both Heaven and Hell.  It can also be used to reflect its powers upon an item.  This is the case with the ring I am offering you. <br /><br />

This ring has caught the reflection of the Sacred Mirror of Malta.  This ring decorated elaborately and the top represents the eye of the Universe.   This eye hold all the powers of the Knights of Malta, including the Mirror of Malta.  It will open a portal to the afterlife, which will open up the realms of Heaven and Hell.  The read and green gems represent the opposite powers of good and evil and the balance of existence both physically and spiritually. <br /><br />

This piece is the top prize.  It will do anything you want it to do, as it holds the creationary powers of the Universe and existence.  It will allow you to create powers, manifest psychic ability, create and vanquish entities of both dark and white origins.  It will allow you to manifest any entity you choose-- if it exists you can create it.  It will allow you to manipulate matter that already exists-- including living matter, meaning humans.  You will be able to read minds and manipulate the minds of others.  You can use this piece to cast powers into objects or people.  You can use this piece to vanquish people of their powers.  You can create and close portals with this piece.  You can conjure and capture spirits and entities.  The power is really up to you.  This piece is the all-source of kinetic energy, magic, alchemy, spells, divination, etc.  If you can dream it up, this piece will do it.  We have tested this piece and we all conclude that this piece is the most powerful we've seen in a long, long time.  You don't want to miss out on this one, because once it's gone it will be a long time before we get another.   <br /><br />

Powers of Malta:  The Everything Ring
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