Project MK-Ultra and the Rockefeller Commission

Project MK-Ultra and the Rockefeller Commission

The 1970's was a very controversial decade for America and the world in general. Perhaps, one of the most controversial issues to escape the clutches of the CIA was that of mind control. In 1975, it was uncovered that the CIA was conducting illegal brain experiments and research on participants that were otherwise unwilling. Due to the fact that the director of the CIA ordered all of the documentation to be destroyed, there was little hard evidence other than the testimonies of those involved in the experiments.

However in 1977, there was a cache of over 20,000 documents that recorded, in detail, the goings-on of the CIA and their illegal processes. This discovery was made thanks, in part, to a group of dedicated individuals that was known as the Rockefeller Commission, who were individuals dubbed by the government as those in charge of uncovering the case. And uncover they did. Not so much because they were simply good Samaritans wanting to help their society. Oh no, that is what the government wants you to think. However, there were other purposes in mind.

The whole point to me telling you this story, is because supposedly all of the documents involved in the matter have been declassified. All of them, not some or most, but all. As I'm sure you have imagined by now, this is lie. It is a huge cover up by our own government that exploited the CIA to carry out this task in the first place. Then, it turned on the CIA, making it look like the good guy, only to make the most coveted of the information so secretive that Area 51 wasn't even approved by the senate or house of representatives as secure enough to detain the documents.

Rather, the documents are currently housed in a secret under ground base that is hidden beneath the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington. The scary part? This isn't even a US only fueled drive anymore. The New World Order has taken over the experiment, threatened to eliminate any risk imposed to the success of developing effective mind control.

Let me just assure you all, my valued clients, that mind control is a definite thing. I know only because I have a dearly beloved connection on the inside that provided me with a copy of one of the coveted documents. This stuff is crucial to the government and their assurance of world domination. However, I can help you to be safe.

It is said in the documentation, that in order to achieve complete and total mind control, one must first scramble the brain cells, using a mild source of gamma rays. Once the mind is scrambled, it is as simple as speaking a new memory in the unsuspecting victim's ear. This is how the government creates mass cover ups and how the Men In Black manage to keep the knowledge of alien existence at bay.

It is okay though, because I have been able to develop a piece that will not only give you the ability to perform this lucrative mind control technique over others, but will proved you protection from mind invasion. With one of the pieces you see here, that I have hand crafted with the help of my team at Haunted Curiosities, you will receive the wisdom of years and years of technologically advanced research. You will receive the ability to shoot gamma rays into the brains of others, making them your subjects to perform actions that you will have them perform. On the flip side, it also houses an advanced psychological shield that will prevent any type of mind control effort on yourself.

These pieces are highly coveted and can be obtained by contacting us. They are going fast and once they are gone they are gone. You will receive one of the pieces you see here that have been infused with this special power.

Project MK-Ultra and the Rockefeller Commission
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