Projecting Yourself

Projecting Yourself

Earrings are the fortified elements that control strong forces as they are able to connect quickly with your brainwaves.

We have a collection of AMAZING earrings that each hold an incredible invoked power that will enrich within you and connect fast.

Power Earrings have a charge which cascades deeper  when activated by you~!

These will not only boost the vibration rate and create a set of variables based on your bio-signature, but it will also help you make right decisions based on your chosen path.

Combine that with the dowsing powers that each have been spell cast with, and you have a winning combination. The charge is at the molecular level, so these are activated as very strong and stable energy generating devices.

**This pair of earrings holds the implorement of astral projection, which will allow you to pull your spirit and become a separate force from your physical body. This will allow you to travel and discover while your physical body is at rest.

Projecting Yourself
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