Prophet of Ruby Ridge

If you really take a good look into the life of the man who is Randy Weaver, it might throw you off a bit when I tell you that he is one of today's most prolific prophets.  I'm not saying that he is an unjust man or he is not a man of God.  I'm merely saying that he doesn't go around boasting about it.  Yes, he has capitalized on his unlawful arrest by the United States Government.  No, he didn't really get arrested for refusing to find out about local skinheads.  Yes, it is way more involved than that. No, you will probably never have a way of finding out about it other than obtaining one of these items, because it holds the real deal.  When I say real deal, I mean to say that this holds a duplicate of the power that the government was chasing after Randy to obtain.  It is the reason why Randy is a separatist and why he moved to Idaho in the first place.  Let me back up, though. Ill start from the beginning. 

Some time ago in the mid 1980's Randy was put on a special forces project in conjunction with the Israel Defense Force.  He was sent over there to train the troops for whatever reason is was that he was required to train them.  I'd be lying if I said that knew exactly why he had to train them.  I'd also be lying if I told you that I knew the ins and outs of the project he was working on that produced the item that he had that the government so badly desired.  I can't tell you where he got it from or anything.  I don't know.  But, what I can tell you is that whatever project he was on was TOP SECRET and extremely classified.  There are no records of it at all, as I made a few phone calls to some of my connection to have them look into it for me. 

The point being is that this item was sought after by the government.  It does come from Israel and it was never surrendered to the government.  Instead, Randy Weaver, being a religious man kept this item, fearing the intentions of the government with the powers in the piece; and rightfully so as our government is terribly corrupt.  Randy knew that the government was looking into this case very closely and relocated his family to Idaho to a life of seclusion, religion, and doomsday prepping for the Apocalypse.  The government eventually did catch on to where was living.  The approached him and asked him for the piece back.  He refused.  They pushed the issue and then indicted him on charges of selling illegal weapons to people as a scare tactic to make him cooperate. 

Randy refused to budge and rather than show up for court, he created a standoff situation in his home.  Here he held a stakeout that would eventually be the cause of the murder of his wife, his son, and a family friend.  Orders for his peaceful acquisition were put into place simply because he is the only person that knows of the whereabouts of the piece that the government is in hot pursuit of.  He has not told anybody of the whereabouts of the original piece til this day.  His charges were eventually dropped down to the administering of illegal weapons for which he basically got a slap on the wrist and he was sent about his business.  But they are watching him, even til this day they are watching.  They watch him and his family hoping to get a lead on where the piece is hidden. 

The closest anyone has ever gotten to using the real powers in this piece are using duplicates.  They were made by Randy to distribute to people that he deemed were deserving of the power.  He wanted people to be aware so that they were ready when the end of times bears down upon us all.  We came into contact with this piece via a source who wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons.  I don't I would want the government banging on my door, trying to get into my house, killing of my family members and stuff.  That's just not cool, so the person from whom I got this piece shall remain nameless.  However, I will now discuss the piece and the powers that the government has been so aptly chasing.  And you don't have to be worried about using this piece, either.  I have put a cloaking spell on the piece and its powers so there is absolutely know way of even knowing that you have this piece unless you decided to tell another person that you have it.  That's your problem then.  Either way, I think the government crooks are more worried about the original, but I don't know why when the duplicated pieces are just as powerful. 

This is a very powerful, religious piece.  It has come from the secret chambers under the Temple of God where Jesus and his disciples use to worship God and obtain the miracle powers that they administered among the gentiles.  However, this piece is slightly different and does not give you the ability to do miracles.  This piece gives you the ability to see.  See what?  The End of Times.  This piece is a holographic recollection of all the prophecy that has ever been mentions in the Bible concerning the End of Times and the Apocalypse.  I mean there is stuff in there from Psalms and Proverbs, Stuff in there from The Song of Solomon, the Book written by the Prophet Daniel.  There is Prophecy from the Books of the Bible where John writes to the Seven Churches.  Last but not least, there is stuff in this piece from the Book of Revelation.  Using this piece, you will not only be able to know the symbolism that the Prophets speak in, but you will fully comprehend what they are saying, because you will physically put into the situation where you will be able to watch these things happen all around you.  You will step in to the Holographic Record and it will be as if you are really there and what is happening is happening to you.  This will give you the knowledge of all the things that are to play out at the end of time. There is no question that will not be answered for you when using this piece, because you will receive the Angel of Death as your person guide and he is one of the Lord's most powerful. 

Just to embellish a little bit, you will be able to see the four horseman, know the meaning of the real 666, know the meaning of the beast with ten heads and seven horns, you will see Daniel's Prophecy of 70 Weeks, etc. etc.  If you can think of it, there is an answer that can be had by using this piece.  You don't want to wait too long for this item because we only have one and I don't think we will be getting more of them as the power in this piece and the availability of the pieces are extremely rare

Prophet of Ruby Ridge
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