Protecting Our Pets

Protecting Our Pets~

We love and cherish our pets as part of our immediate family, and why not? They give us unconditional love, loyalty, comfort, companionship, entertainment, even protection.

And we do our best to protect and care for them.. to keep them safe from any and all day to day dangers they might encounter! We provide them food, shelter and love, why not magical protection too?

We think nothing of getting charms, spells, spirits and enchantments to protect US from negativity and harm, shouldn't we give the same protections to our beloved animal companions?

That is why we have decided to offer this potent magical spell ritual to create a 'Protective Shield' around your cherished animal friends!

The spell surrounds them, be they cat, dog, horse, bird, bunny, etc... with a powerful field of protective and healing energy. A lifetime blessing for their benefit and ours!

This piece will help greatly in 'shielding' your cherished animal companions from all form of harms and dangers. Sickness, straying, accidents, and more are warded off!

Keep your beloved ones SAFE and help them live a long happy and healthy life!

This powerful and extremely effective spell can help a lost pet find it's way home, protect your beloved companion from accidents and injury, aide in keeping health issues at bay, provide abundant healing energy to calm and heal existing health problems, and so much more!

Your pet will be blessed and protected for life and you will have the piece of mind that you are doing everything possible to care for your much loved animal companions!

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Protecting Our Pets
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