Psychokinetic Trainer/n*

The term "Psychokinesis" refers to the ability to move objects with one's mind. The mental energy being used is psychic energy, and so psychokinesis is a type of paranormal ability. Having free will and a physical body, you can move a pen, your body or even influence others. The same rules apply to psychokinesis as well, the only difference is that your physical body is not involved, only your mental state influences others and things. We are marketing this item to those of you who are serious about paranormal abilities and the power associated with them. Based upon tests performed with this item, we are confident to say that the psychokinetic powers are not active when being used by an individual with ill-intent. Again, this item grants only those with pure-will the ability to manipulate objects with their mind, however the item will deactivate if attempts are made to harm other living things with the ability.This is also great for those just learning and will slowly aclimate you to using that part of the brain. You should wear this during times of emotion,all types. This will pick up the energy and store it to use later. You can think of this as a solar panel for psychokenetic power. This is a bracelet made of Crystal and natural stone. It will fit anyone.
Psychokinetic Trainer/n*
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