Pulling Mandela, AUGUST SALE


This item is bestowed with the essential radiance of the Buddhist Mandela.

The imperative enrichment of the body will be asserted to and your auric energies and spiritual enlightenment will all be protected from harm!

We often get requests for protection pieces, and this is a fantastic one. Any ambiguous force of negativity will melt away when you have this item with you.

The soul is like a magnet to which dark forces and negative energies want to connect. Purity is a grand blessing that is desired and held within an unaffected human soul.

Throughout our years we unconsciously become affected by these inflictions, and have hindrances of harm that we cannot physically see.

This piece will repair your aura and spirit by using the mandela to pull out the negative forces that have wounded you over the years!

You will feel like a new person and be able to breathe easier as your body will no longer be working overtime to make up for the extra energies that have for so long been taken from you!


Pulling Mandela, AUGUST SALE
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