Pulling S, Part 3: Lucid Dreams and Prophetic Consciousness

Pulling Spirits, Part 3: Lucid Dreams and Prophetic Consciousness

The second spirit that I was successfully able to pull through the mist was the spirit of a Jesuit Missionaries named Stephen. His existence stems from the mid 1600's. A brief lesson in history of the time will give you an idea of the misery and intolerance that he had to withstand. This particular period in time was a time of great uncertainty for many professing Catholics. It was a time of the English Reformation and Protestantism. It was a period in time during which many Jesuits were punished for simply believing in the same god in a different light, and not giving the highest glory to the King of England.

However, Stephen remained faithful and was eventually sentenced to a fate that included public disgrace and beheading. At the mere age of 26, Stephen' faith sent him to the exaltation of the highest Heaven. However, when Stephen arrived in Heaven, he implored God that his time on Earth had been cut short and there was much work to be done. God admired his willingness and granted him a second chance at doing the work of a disciple, sending him into the spiritual rifts with a special, divine gift.

Stephen share this divine gift with me. Now, via the piece that you see here I want to pass this special privilege to a new, deserving client of mine. The power that is transposed into the pieces that you see here is a power that works hand in hand with the Will of God and the Holy Spirit. What I am offering you is the ability of lucid dreaming, in its rarest form.

The rarest form of lucid dreaming is known as WILD, an acronym that stands for Wake Initiated Lucid Dreaming. With the spirit of Stephen, the Jesuit martyr, which you will be given the authority to invoke, you will immediately thrown into a state of Hypnagogia, which is a state of alter consciousness and perception. During this state, you must imagine yourself ascending the stairs into Heaven, as to not break your concentration.

Stephen's spirit will appear to you, pushing you into a direct channel of divine communication. He will open your mind's eye and you will receive prophetic visions of the past, present, and future. You will gain a better understanding of yourself and humanity, as well as gain the ability to communicate with angels and all other cosmic beings. As with most religious pieces, you will also gain the ability of spiritual healing powers to cleanse your aura and allow maximize your proficiency.

I've used this piece myself and I contend that this piece is very powerful and will work fluidly if you follow the instructions given. You will receive the piece shown.

Pulling S, Part 3:  Lucid Dreams and Prophetic Consciousness
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