Purple Dynasty: Vampire Bloodline of King George III

The Purple Dynasty 

The lunacy of King George III is no secret.  It is well known that he was nothing short a lunatic.  His madness is legendary, having broken down mentally between the years 1780 and 1820.  He frequented the Windsor Castle's padded rooms and could often be found having conversations with trees, clouds, rocks... whatever.  His lunacy also led him to lose control over the prized possession of the American colonies.  Mistake after mistake led to the demise of British rule in America. 

However, was he really crazy?  Or was he simply misunderstood. Well, the truth is that is was probably a little bit of both.  Supposedly plagued by disease known as porphyria, he had a legitimate excuse to be a little bit bonkers sometimes.  Well, that's the story the public got, anyhow.  He had porphyria.  However, I'm here to tell you that the stories that have been written in history books have been tailored to reflect what the king-- crazy or not-- wanted them to say.  Thus, the House of Windsor has been able to keep these secrets for so many years.  Well, my dear friends at the House of Windsor, I have an item that you might be especially interested in.... that is, unless one of my regular customers gets to it first.  This piece is now on a first-come, first-served basis and will shed light upon the ruling dynasty of the House of Windsor. 

This item holds the bloodline King George III, who did go crazy, but not because of Porphyria.  He got bit in 1780 and I'm not talking about by a mosquito.  It was his in his 20th year of life that it was taken from him from a vampire that he encountered in the alley ways of London during a secret homosexual rendezvous that were popular among men in those days, because "gay" was considered SUCH an abomination.  He went mad because he didn't know how to handle all of his newly acquired powers.  Upon being bitten he acquired such strength and agility, speed and power, energetic magic and vampiric blood alchemy that he just went... well... cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs and he was crazy ever since then.  It's okay, though, because his descendants seem to have it pretty much together.  His descendants have a secret group called the Purple Dynasty, which is a play on the fact that history books claim the Georgie III suffered from Porphyria.

The Royal King George III passed his inherited gift to his descendants throughout the House of Windsor, and through earlier descendants of the Royal Family of Prussia, which eventually led to WWI.  Kaiser Bill, the Prussian Leader during the war years received the gift.  Queen Victoria's daughter Vicky was married to Crown Prince of Prussia, passing the genetic shift onto Kaiser Wilhelm II.  Tainted blood has been passed down through out the House of Windsor and the royal bloodlines of Europe.  These royals include Prince Charles and his children with Princess Diana.  It includes the Queen of England, herself.  They all contain the vampire blood of King George III, which is the same powerful, potent blood that he inherited during in bite in London. 

This ring holds the blood flow of the bloodline of King George III.  It will give you a psychic connection to vampire energy as well as all the powers and abilities, wealth, and riches of the bloodline known as the Purple Dynasty.  These powers are so immense that they have managed to keep the house of Windsor in succession for over the last 200 years.  They are a testament to the reasoning behind the wild success of the British empire and the footprints they have left all over the world! 

This is your one chance to become part of the Purple Dynasty Bloodline, to obtain the powers, and to experience their secret.  You will be able to live as one of the Royal Bloodline Vampires with free range over ALL of their powers and secrets!  They blood itself has been placed inside this item during its making and will activate in your own bloodline when you bond with the item.  This is how the bloodline has maintained its power through the years, through items such as these and initiations into the Purple Dynasty.  Welcome to your initiation rite!  Do not miss your chance, as once this one is gone, it's GONE!!   

This is in sterling silver and very well made. It has an Amethyst stone in the center.


Purple Dynasty: Vampire Bloodline of King George III
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