Purple Haze of Wealth

Sometimes families have secrets. When you are the royal family of the United Kingdom, these secrets abound.  There are constant struggles for power in the royal families.  Not only the royal family of the United Kingdom, but all royal families.  These accounts of treachery date back to ancient Egyptian times and probably even further back. It was nothing for a son to murder his father simply because he wanted to take over the throne of the country that his father ruled.  Sometimes, these actions were a little less severe, but you get what I am trying to say.  They always say that family is the first to rake you over the coals.  In the case of royalty, at least, I'd have to say that this is pretty much a true observation.  

Such was the case for young Katherine and Nerissa Bowes-Lyon.  They were born as cousins of the current Queen Mother.  However, when the sisters were 15 and 22 respectively, they were locked away in the Royal Earlswood Asylum for Mental Defectives.  You'd think that if the fact that they were really "mentally defected" the family would have taken better care of their offspring.  Instead, they were stuck in the mental asylum and forced to live in impoverished conditions, wearing clothes from a communal wardrobe, having only been -visited by their so-called family a handful of time.  In fact, post-1960, the pair have not record of ever having been visited in the now-defunct Asylum's log book.  It smells to me like foul play.  The thing of all of this is, if they were so feeble minded as descriptions of the pair have suggested, why did the family wait until after they were teenagers/twenty-somethings to get them help?  It's because there has to be more to the story.  Given the fact that they were the daughters of the deceased oldest son of the King, could it be that they were locked away to reserved the throne for the current reigning Queen Mother?
Either way, when the media found out about how these cousins of the Queen Mother were treated and abused, it went public in a worldwide scandal.  Albeit, the scandal was short-lived and Nerissa and Katherin'es story was quickly swept under the rug.  You may wonder why I am telling all oft this.  What has this got to do with anything?  Well, I'll tell you.  The ring that we have is a wealth ring that was given to Katherine Bowes-Lyon when she was young.  It is a wealth ring that was made during a secret sexual ritual that her father, the first heir to the royal throne, was involved with.  This energy attracted extreme, extreme wealth.  I personally think that the reason the girls were so "feeble minded" is because they were put under some sort of spell, but there is no way of proving that.  Either way, when they were admitted to the Asylum, this ring was taken, which is why the Asylum did so well for a period of time, until it was shut down for abuse and neglect.  The Asylum has since been turned into luxury apartments.  Go figure.  
Katherine's ring was returned to the royal family.  Having never known the wealth this piece can bring, Katherine was transferred to a care home paid for by the state.  This ring was used in an attempt to bribe the first reported who almost uncovered this story ten years prior the date that it was actually brought to the limelight.  This ring brought that little fledgling reporter millions upon millions of dollars.  It brought her success and wealth  and even fame in other respects. She has requested that her name remain anonymous.  We got this piece in a trade agreement with the journalist.  
This piece, we are calling the Purple Haze of Royal Wealth, because the means through which is has come to fruition are hazy.  What is known is that it has been made through a secret wealth sex ritual.  It was with Katherine when she was turned over the the asylum.  It was confiscated and used to bring the asylum wealth, but then one day given back to the royal family.  We believe this means the queen, as this is who the reporter was bribed by.  Either way this ring brings an insane amount of wealth-- no pun intended.  When you wear this ring, you begin to notice wealth rolling in from areas of your life that you didn't even realize wealth could exist!!  It will come to you in many different forms, including the traditional winnings and earnings, but it will also come in very unusual ways.  You will see what I mean when you get the piece.  If wealth is what you're after, this this piece is definitely one that you are going to need to experience!!  It will bring you so much wealth that you will be able to provide for generations to come!! 
Purple Haze of Wealth
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