Put Your Money In It!!

I cannot tell you where this piece comes from.  All I can tell you is that it is solid sterling silver, that it is a money clip, and that it once belonged to some very famous celebrity.  It has made them rich and by what Deedee tells me, it made them filthy.  The details of the case are closed, meaning that it involves somebody who wishes to remain anonymous.  Other than that, Deedee didn't tell me about the item, because she wanted me to test it.  She does this pretty often actually, where she just springs surprise investigations upon me.  This is becuse she wants to see what results I come up with, so that way they aren't biased in anyway shape or form.  The only instructions that she gave me and the only instructions you will receive are this.  Put your money in it.  
I did just that and I have to admit that I had an inkling that it was a wealth piece.  I put my money in the money clip, allowed to sit in there for a while and then I met up with some friends and went to the casino.  I don't mean to brag, but I cam home with four times as much money as what I went with and that was with spending my money very liberally.  I used this piece also while I was playing the lottery.  Can you believe that I won $2000.00 on a $5.00 scratch off??  I also won a sweepstakes that I had entered for a boat that I thought was neat at Bass Pro Shop while I was shopping there.  I ended up taking the cash value, which was well over $20,000.  The moral to my story??  Once I gave this clip the offering of my money, it multiplied it like a mating rabbit.  I couldn't believe that this piece came on with power like that so fast.  It literally happened the same day.  I simply clipped my money in it, forgot about it, and then off I went with my daily business.  The wealth just began to roll in all on its own!!  
I really wish I could tell you which celebrity this piece once belonged to, but Deedee won't tell me.  She did tell me is wasn't some $2M celebrity like most of these reality shows.  She said that this person is easily worth $350M if not more than that.  It also helped me gain a mini-fortune.  I kind of felt guilty so I donated a lot of it after paying off my school loans and a few other debts that I had.  We are now listing this piece to the website, so that way whichever of you lucky ducks gets this piece can have the same expereince.  This piece brings extreme wealth.  It will start off gradually, like the earnings I first came into.  Then, as it grows, it will become more powerful and more powerful, until eventually you have a $5M movie constract or a high profile recording contract.  Whatever it is that you want, in terms of wealth, this piece will bring it for you.  Put your money in it!!   
Put Your Money In It!!
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