Putti Putti Putti Putti Rockin' Everywhere!!!

Putti Putti Putti Putti Rockin' Everywhere!!! 

I told you this piece was coming and thus, I am delivering.  Okay, I want to make sure that you in no way shape or form confuse that being that I am about to offer you with a cherub.  I covered this in the write of about the Cherub that we are offering.  It should be on today's listing if you are interested.  Again, this piece is not a cherub, it is band a of putti.  One is just called a putto, not that it is terribly important, but if I use the two names interchangeably I don't want you to become confused! 

A putti is the depiction of the child angel with small wings.  It was popularized by the artist Donatello in the 1400s and the image became mainstreamed and had stuck around.  The Putti are angels of God, thus representing love.  They are children, thus they represent purity and sanctity, benevolence and innocence!!  They represent the best kind of love their can be... true love. 

This piece contains a band of Love Putti that will go out before you search for your soul mate.  They will give you the energy to constantly be on point and will allow you to find the one that will actually love you the way you want to be loved-- not for what you have to offer or the sex you have to offer.  This piece will allow you to first seek out the love of your life and then develop a concrete connection with him or her to develop a real love and a real passion. 

Yeah, I guess its fun to seek out the moment of pleasure with people who know what their doing.  However, everyone desires that one soul mate, that one person with whom they can share their life and everlasting memories.  This piece seeks that person out for you and will help you along your way to true love at long last! 

** Elephants band together and once a love connection is made, they do not part. This invoked piece showcases three elephants linked together to symobolize a unity of family that will embrace you by the power of this piece... enlightening your soul mate, and then the potential of offspring!

Putti Putti Putti Putti Rockin' Everywhere!!!
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