Pyramid of Akakor ( 40 STERLING SALE)

There isn't much history to write about this piece because there isn't much known about the secrets that it holds.  The secrets come from an ancient underground cities that is located in South America and is situated in such a position that it takes up portions of Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru.  Going by the name Akakor, the city used to exist above ground, but it has since been lost and thus, the city has been moved underground with little, if any, evidence of the great city it used to be.

Unlike other South American stories of its kind, Akakor was not known for being paved with gold or anything along those lines.  Rather, the people of Akakor were celebrated as being the direct descendants of the empire Atlantis, whose people were scattered among the world after the Great Deluge and the loss of Atlantis Proper.  This faction of ancient Atlantis came to rest in South America, not far from from where another faction of Atlantis rested, in Central America-- a people who became known as the Mayans.

Although some people call the theory of an underground civilization far-fetched, it really isn't.  There's dozens of these types of civilizations and a bunch of them can be found showcased on our website.  However, this particular group of individuals-- or should I call them beings-- is different.  They are extremely advanced and contain secret knowledge that is on par with any of the ancient civilizations we talk about.  In fact, you don't have to take my word for it.  You can use this piece to access all the information of this ancient city's knowledge for yourself.

This item comes from the Pyramid of Akakor.  If you follow ancient civilizations, you will notice that one of the biggest trends was building pyramids.  The most famous for building pyramids are the Egyptians, then probably the Mayans, and even Native Americans of North America.  There are pyramids in the Himalayas, which if you keep up with our daily newsletters you will know is the home of another Atlantis breakaway group.  These pyramids are built and modeled after the Great Pyramid of Atlantis, which was the ancient Temple of Knowledge in Atlantis that contained the advanced knowledge of all things; and believe me the Atlantis culture superseded any other form of existence to date on planet Earth.

Anyhow, this piece comes from the depths of the Pyramid in Akakor, which is found in a covert place inside the jungles of the Amazon.  The pyramid is a marker for the great knowledge the Akakor civilization has brought with them after the great deluge.  This piece gives you their ancient form of spiritual alchemy that has given them their knowledge of magic and mysticism.  It also gives you a solid connection to all other pyramids on the Earth, each that contains their own adaptation of ancient Atlantis magic.  All of these magics are the spawn of the Temple of Atlantis and they contain different variations of the knowledge and some even contain different knowledge from the Temple itself.  You can basically think of this piece as putting the puzzle together and drawing all ends to solve the mystery of why there pyramids and what the pyramids that are on Earth mean.  They all communicate with one another, but this piece brings you the best and most powerful magic and knowledge of all of them!!

Pyramid of Akakor ( 40 STERLING SALE)
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