This is a mans ring that is Stainless Steel and in about a size 9 or ten. What is very unique about it is that it holds a hologram on top. This stone slab allows you to quantum jump,shift,change time and hologram yourself the same way they do in Bohemian Grove.

To use this ring you would wear it and you will see the grid,you would turn the ring until it goes black and you will then be ready to either shift,jump or hologram yourself. You would then sit back and close your eyes and go or do what you need to.

The vampire part comes in because it was owned by a modern day vampire who used the Grid to hold various powers and abilities inside the grid. The list is long but I will give it to you here.

6 dragons-Vibria a dragon that can speak and communicate and holds great magical abilities. Totetsu dragon is a very greedy dragon of wealth,it would suck the soul of the newly dead to gain the financial aspect of the lives they lived. The next one is a Dilong which is a celestial dragon holding many powers of the ancients and the enlightened. The next one is a Hersenuge dragon which can communicate with all the arc angels and is a dragon of pure protection for all creatures. Next are two fire drakes.

You will also get a black Shuck which is almost like a hell hound but this is called a Doom hound. Along with that you get the Nirvana Dog which sits right along side of the Doom dog as a balance. Each can be used as you wish.

The next one is an Alce which is a griffin with out wings. This creature gives gifts of various magic on a regular basis.

There is also a shield,telepathy,mind rolling,empathic targeting which means you can project your feelings and emotions on another, Orb absorbtion,sexual mind stimulation, orgasm from a distance to be able to bend the mind. This is one heck of a piece and even though you can not see it that well when you get it you will see what I mean about the grid.
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