Quechua is the native word for the ancient Incan civilization, and this is what is considered a Quechua God bracelet. The bracelet is adorned with the faces of six Incan gods. Two of the faces belong to the twin gods of the Sun and Moon. These two faces grant the wearer endurance and purity of vision. The next face belongs to the guardian of Earth, whose physical strength and fortitude are granted to the wearer. The Phoenix holds one position on the bracelet to grant the wearer the ability to rise from defeat. The final two positions belong to the sacred Inca Seal, and the image of a man sacrificed on the seal. The seal itself symbolizes the strength in unity celebrated by the ancient society and the sacrificial image reminds one that great gain comes from great sacrifice. These two images empower the wearer with the collective power of all the Incan souls that have perished throughout history. In those that perished there is great power embedded into this piece. The list includes these abilities and paranormal phenomena.

To move forward into time and change as you see fit. To levitate to a level of universal conscience. To activate electrical impulses using the brain by actually turning your brain on. Most importantly is the power of YOU. This is activated so that you may obtain what you what because your thinking is redirected to KNOWING your going to get it and then you do. This ability is hard to explain or place a term to it but it works well! The one thing these all have in common is the mind. The mind is the most powerful item anyone can possess. All you need to do is turn it on like the Incan's did. Have you ever wondered what has happened to them? Did they disappear? No,they moved on. There is a lot more to this bracelet then has been described. The lucky owner will soon figure that out. I would not pass this one up and especially when I have a coupon out. You all need this one,but..there is only one. This is made of sterling silver.
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