Santorini is a Greek Island in the Aegean sea. This is the most vampire infested place in the land. You van check it out for your self. There is one other place but people rarely travel there. I have been there but OMG it is creepy. The feel is desolation and weirdness. It is almost like stepping into another world. This piece is the Queen of the hive. The soil in the area is like a antiseptic and bodies do not decompose at all. This either makes them appear as Saints or Vampires. Knowing what they can do and going at night lets you know just what they really are. Day time is no better. As with all colonies and places where creatures gather they hold their own government and this is the Queen. The Queen is a both a sanguine and psychic and has the power and is GIVEN the power to take from all that enters their land. As a vampire would come in and rise she had to be given gifts of power or they would be decapitated. Those that came in with no head were of no use. This is because of the practice of decapitation. I do have one of those decapitation coffins if anyone is interested in it. You would have to pay all shipping on that item. The type of gifts given are always retained by the Queen and with each one she becomes more powerful. She is the most powerful even more so over any king of which there is none. This is because over time she is able to give birth and to create. This is the same in magic. The woman is always stronger. Being Vampire means she is already powerful but again it gets compounded do to the gifts and offerings of those that came after her. She requires an offering. My forever offerings are perfect but you can use anything. Her name is Queen Summors and she holds all of these abilities. Psychic Mediumship channeling changeling Telepathic Healing touch mind control perception altering wealth,extreme wealth dimensional travel sexual heat the ability to harm the mind and cause pain. ( sorry but I can't leave it out as it is true) The drawing of the undead conjuring of your choice She does not do spells but she just gets the job done She is highly sexual but not because vampires have a reputation for that but because it allows them to become human again and to feel what they normally can not She is able to heal She will have sexual relations with both male and female. (sorry again but you need to know this too) However you do need to agree. On the third full moon of the year and counting January as the first full moon she holds a meeting and your home is full of vamps. No harm comes to you. In the month of December she seeks to create a new living part human and part vampire living human being. She is also room the 12 tribes of Isreal. She is pure power. Personality is no nonsense but she is not hateful nor evil. She just gets the job done. Looks are extremely beautiful and she is capable of real and true love. Should she seek you as a mate,IF she decides to your own power will match hers,sex is divine and a true power source you will be. Please take careful consideration before buying. While she does come from the 12 tribes she is known as a Vrykolatios

The gem in this stone is authentic and holds the conjuring powers for Queen Sommers.  The ring that she is in is Sterling Silver  and a size 7.  You can use it as a pendant on a chain if you wish. 

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