Qilin Wealth

Wealth seems to be the one thing that is on everybody's mind, even when their minds seem to be other places.  You can never deny the fact that we all wish to be independently well-off.  Some of us dream of being filthy rich.  Whatever the level of wealth it is that you desire, the fact of the matter is that the desire is still there.  So when we offer wealth pieces it will never get old, because it is something that people will always want and have a need for.  Such is the case with this piece. 

This piece summons the presence of the Qilin.  The Qilin is a Chinese chimerical creatures whose powers and wealth ability have been renowned through all parts of Asia, but specifically Eastern Asia.  He is said to herald the arrival of a sage, but holds powers of his own, because those who are able to garner the power of the Qilin will be blessed with immense serenity and extreme prosperity.  It is the basis around which this piece was built.   I'm not sure who originally made this piece, but I'm guessing it was probably the sage that this Qilin heralds.  All I know is the the piece holds great powers and that it was sent to us by Adita

When used, this piece summons the presence of the QilinWhen he is summoned, he will fly over your general area, suck all of the wealth energies out of the atmosphere and lay the powers at your feet.  The powers will them become part of your core being and you will begin attracting wealth like poop attracts flies.  It will come form all directions and will be given to you in many forms.

Qilin Wealth
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