So what does it mean to exist?  Like, really exist?  If you are like most, I'm sure you will say that you exist because you have life.  The things that around you are solid and constant.  You can close a door, or lean on a tree, or even eat chocolate and taste it's velvety goodness.  Everything to you is a constant, reality exists physically and you are merely a mortal that has been dropped into reality.  This is what it means to exist. 

Well folks, allow me to introduce to a world that is going to rock everything that you've ever called your life.  It is the world of quantum physics and its theories are arising and being proven at astronomical rates... faster than ever before.  It's because as the human kind progresses, we are constantly wondering what is really out there.  I mean, we see a bunch of stars and planets in the night sky, but what is really out there.  We are slowly beginning to understand that what is out there is entirely up to the individual mind. 

It is at this point in time that I am going to introduce you to how reality works.  Forget everything you've ever known.  You were created out of light, you have a soul.  That means that you were created with an energy.  It is the same energy that orchestrates your surroundings.  You build what you experience, not the other way around.  It is how the cosmos and the life force work.  Why do you think it's possible for sorcerers and wizards to change things, or to use magic to create things that weren't there before.  It's simple... nothing really physically exists, everything is a manifestation of self and what you believe to exist.  Believing in new things adds to the overall experience of your life, as well as the matrix of reality that we, collectively, have created for humankind.  

For years we have been conditioned on what we should think, how we should feel, what things can be real and what things cannot be real.  All in all, we've always had the ability to change things to suit our own needs, to make existence whatever we want to make it.  However, we've all been fed lines of crap so that way the people at the helms-- our government-- could controls masses.  The reasoning behind this is because when there is reality that doesn't follow guidelines, there is not guaranteed power in the hands of one person or group of people.  There is no set structure and then they lose their power influence and that scares the shit out of them.  This is what I'm offering with this piece... it is a chance to exist as you were meant to exist-- in a quantum state where you dictate what you experience, not a physical hell and torture device where you have to change and bend to accommodate what already exist.  Nowhere outside of our own human existence does this ever occur.  I mean, beings are always going to have interaction with each other, but the beautiful thing is that your interactions with each other being will occur as you perceive and they will perceive the interaction as they want to.  It is a perfect world for all parties involved.  There is no hurt or distrust because you've already dictated how everything in your own personal existence will occur.  

This piece has been sent to us from a group of beings that we have contacted in deep space.  They actually live on the Planet Niburu. which will eventually return to pass by Earth again that way these beings can hopefully bring some enlightenment to the masses, the same way Jesus tried to teach the meaning of light when he was sent by God, an elder being, and he was eventually killed because people just couldn't understand.  You mean if you have faith in a higher power you can change the world?  It is written in the Bible that if you have faith the size of a mustard see you can say to a mountain get up and move and it will move.  That is because in the Quantum Universe, the energy that God originally used to create mankind, this is how things work.  Either way the light beings from Niburu sent us an energy that we have now placed in several different items.  These items will help you wake up, to exist outside of the current disillusions that have kept you bogged down as an individual for so long.  This piece will help you garner the full meaning of quantum energy.  This means that you create your own reality, not the other way around.  If you want the sky to look orange, then so be it.  If you want lettuce to taste like chocolate, then so be it.  

These are very minuscule examples.  When you understand the way quantum energy actually works, then you will understand that you can use it to manipulate reality to gain any power or ability that you want.  If you want to change yourself into a werewolf, then fine.  If you want to create a power that will allow you to control the minds of others, then that's okay too.  Maybe you want to create a power that will bring you extreme wealth in the mortal realm.  Then, come on with it.  Once you master the quantum energy, with which you were created, there isn't anything that you cannot do.  You will live outside of this whole "physical" universe that has been created for you while the ones who have really learned the secrets of masonic magic and Illuminati magic live it up in the reality that they choose to live in.  Why do you think they are all so rich??  They make themselves that way.  

To properly use this piece, you must meditate with it.  You must leave your physical body behind and project yourself onto the plain of absence where you, like an artist with a brush, will be able to create.  Like God, you will be able to speak into existence whatever it is you want to speak into existence.  After all, we were created in his image.  I know this seems like a difficult, foreign concept, but once you have mastered it, it will be very natural.  It is the basis of our creation.  Of course, you can take whatever you've created as far as powers and abilities back with you to the mortal realm, where mortals will still exist in the physical world.  Don't expect them to understand, though, because the probably will not.  I mean, they are all so dumbed down.  Either way, enjoy your new awakening.  I know that I fully enjoyed mine!! 
To use this piece just look into the light. The light will move and flash on the ring and can be worn by both male or female. The side decoration is an actual language of the beings from Niburu.. I'm not sure how these pictures came out but if you need more just email for them. The ring is sterling and a size 9 or so. I believe it is a size 10
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