Quantum Time Lapsing

Albert Einstein is one of the smartest men to have ever walked the face of the Earth.  We know this.  We also know that he has laid the ground work for other breakthroughs and projects that continue to baffle the minds of others-- some public, some cover ups, such as the Philadelphia experiment.  However, what I'm about to release to you is a project that Albert Einsteins successors have kept cover for a very long time.  Well, not a very long time, but you know, at least a decade or so. 

Here's the thing.  Albert Einstein was an expert when it came to Quantum Physics.  Quantum Physics is the science of the very small.  However, when you can manipulate a molecule, of which the universe is made of trillions and trillions, you can apply this practice on a larger scale to manipulate objects of mass size and proportion. 

Physicists at the University of Vienna in Austria have been using these technologies to intertwine molecules, causing them to spin at record speeds... faster than ever and in opposite directions causing entanglement.  Entanglement occurs when two separate particles remain connected so that actions perform on one affect the other, despite the distance between the two.  It is a very supernatural affect.  It can't really be explained all that well, but what is definitely known is that  two of these particles react to one another regardless of time or space relationship. 

Scientists operating in underground facilities throughout the world, in a cooperative effort, have also been playing with molecules in a quantum style.  I know this, because I have received one of their items in a debriefing that was sent to me by one of connections on the inside.  The group of scientists is working in conjunction with the New World Order and has come up with some pretty fantastic stuff.  This item being one of them.  Now, I'm not saying that this is the only item that is made like this.  There are a few others that have also managed to be made.  However, this is the only one that we will ever get and probably the only one that you will ever be able to get your hands on.  As I'm sure you can imagine, these projects are overly sensitive and covert.

This piece contains gamma energy... in fact it has been blasted with such an amount of this energy that this piece will allow you to manipulate the energy fields around you.  As you use this item you will  begin to notice that you will become in full control over the energy fields that surround you, wherever you go.  If you want it to stop raining... fine.  If you want the temperature that surrounds you to be higher or lower, just think it.  As long as you are wearing this piece, the gamma energy is at your command.  Pretty incredible... I know. 

However, the most incredible attribute of this piece is that it allows you to quantum travel.  What's that?  Well, listen up!  Using this piece you can manipulate the molecules around you by making the interact with one another.  You will then be able to fully open a lapse in the space-time corridor that will allow you to slip through, unnoticed to a different part of time.

For instance, we tested this piece down in New Orleans.  Just by thinking, we were able to take this piece to spot where we weren't noticeable by others, merely think of a time frame we wanted to be in and then we were there.  The time literally changed right before us, as we were now walking down the streets of New Orleans in the 1800s.  While we were in the time frame, we visited some voodoo priests, but those pieces are for a separate time.  Listen, if you have dreamed of time travel-- to anywhere or any time, this is the item for you.  There are literally no restrictions on how you can use it.  You can travel to the past, the future, or different space-time dimension of the present.  This piece is versatile and will allow you to visit all those places and areas of time that you have only been able to learn about-- about until now! 


Quantum Time Lapsing
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