Quetzalcoatl, Lord of the Dawn

Although Quetzalcoatl, the Lord of the Dawn, is often described as the most important Aztec deity, he predates the Aztecs in the Valley of Mexico by many centuries.<br /><br /> 

Sometimes portrayed as a snake covered with quetzal plumes and sometimes as a pale, bearded man who wears a robe decorated with flowers and crosses, Quetzalcoatl began as a Toltec deity, the mysterious civilization that dominated the Valley of Mexico between 1200 and 950 BCE. According to Toltec mythology, Quetzalcoatl with his brother Tezcatlipoca created this world. After the Fourth Age was destroyed by floods, Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca helped Cihuacoatl create a brand-new Earth. They separated land and sky and stole human bones from Mictlan, the Realm of Death to repopulate the Earth. Quetzalcoatl ground up the bones and mixed the resulting powder with his own blood to harvest a new crop of people.<br /><br />

Quetzalcoatl invented the calendar, metal-working and agriculture. He gave people corn, their staff of life, and taught them science, architecture and art. He established government and spiritual rituals and stopped the practice of human sacrifice, recommending flower offerings instead.Unlike many other deities, Quetzalcoatl was consistently benevolent and caring towards his people and his people lived well. He brought wealth and healing to them and abundant crops. He taught them the meaning of love, hope, faith and compassion.<br /<>br />
In the sixteenth century, Franciscan missionaries were very taken with him, believing Quetzalcoatl to be the embodiment of Christ. <br /><br />
This artifact that was discovered in an archaeological dig in the Valley of Mexico that contained the spirit of Quetzalcoatl, his resting place until he chooses to manifest again. With this artifact in your possession, you will find that Quetzalcoatl will act on your behalf, so long as you take care of his vessel with the love and reverence it deserves. He will provide spiritual, emotional and physical healing to you and all others you wish to see helped. He will provide the wealth needed to allow you to live a happy, content life. He will ensure that no harm comes to you and that you are treated with kindness and compassion by all people. He can turn back the clock and allow you to remedy past mistakes. He will shower your life with love and divine blessings. Your wish will always be his command. <br /><br />
If you are in need, if you are unhappy with any parts of your life at the moment, Quetzalcoatl will be able to turn your situation around. Please don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! <br /><br />
Quetzalcoatl, Lord of the Dawn
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