Radiant Locks These earrings are spell cast with an allure that will allow you to grow your hair quickly! We have had many clients who say that their hair just takes SO long to grow, or they have cut their hair and now regret it and do not want to go through that awkward stage as it gets longer! We had the earrings implemented with an urgency of elicit appeal -- and it works fast. You will wear these for five days, and on each of the five days you will need to recite the following twice a day - once in the morning and once before bed. The calling forth regiments the infliction of energy upon you and will trigger the generatives of growth. Just chant 10 times; 2 x per each of the 5 day period: "My hair shall grow like fluent weeds, My energy will be like spurted seeds. It will grow longer, It will grow faster, To my wished length, we shall see This is my will, So mote it be." Just do this twice a day, for the 5 day bonding and you should begin to see results within a week~!
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