RAISE YOUR VOICE! This spell cast item was created to implement your vocal chords with a blissful designation that will allow you to sing with charisma and beauty~! You need to meditate for 1 minute then say the following: "Let my voice match up to the song I've been wanting to sing all along" say this 5x in a row... then move on and state --> "Ariana Grande" say this 10x, getting louder each time Then picture your lungs filing with colorful music notes, then imagine them coming out of your mouth and people applauding for you, then clap 5x then snap 2x~!! WARNING: DO NOT SING ANYTHING FOR FIVE MINUTES OR SPELL WONT WORK!!!!!!! ** The enrichment in this piece is designed to connect with you as you do the above instructions -- this generating the connective energies and wonderful talent within you!
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