t is important to fully understand that when one dies they don't simply cease to exist.  They go through a metamorphosis like a butterfly.  They shed their old, ugly mortal skin when they pass on and they will acquire a new brilliant form when they arrive into the realm of the after life.  Unless they are going to Hell, in which case their new forms are probably not the best.  However, those who have lived a good life can rest assured they will be floating around somewhere in the spiritual realm come judgement day. 

In the land of the mortal, those who have already passed over into the next life are referred to as dead, even though the spirit realm is probably more active than anything we mortals have ever dealt with.  They have a realm full of magic that they live in on a daily basis.  I guess this is why there is no need for food or drink once your dead.  Your sustenance is based solely on the white light realms of the afterlife.  The core of your being is dependent upon the energy in the realm, as this is the soul that has always existed inside of the mortal body, just bodiless. 

Raising the dead, then, takes on a whole new meaning, doesn't it.  This piece was made for me by special request by a witch I know whom I call Nancy the Nigromancer. Nigromancy is just a variant spelling of Necromancy, which you all know means magic that has to do with the dead.  Regardless of the stigma that goes along with practicing nigromancy, there really isn't anything negative about it.  Magic is all about the intention, not the act.

This piece is very powerful in that it raises people from the dead.  I'm not talking about how they do it on movies, either.  That stuff is for children and the weak minded.  It's their understanding of what it really means to raise someone from the dead.  What raising someone from the dead really means, in terms of nigromancy, is summoning a soul that you wish to communicate with from its spot on the spiritual realm to bring it back to the mortal realm.  When you do this you own the spirit until you send it back.  This will give you the ability to control the spirit on the mortal realm for whatever your purpose may be.  Get creative, because your spirits will get bored.  Second of all, this piece allows you summon spirits that will give you whatever powers it is that they have.  So, if you want to be able to have the powers of Aleister Crowly, then you can summon him.  If you want wealth powers summon a rich person.  If you want mind control and satanic magic, summon Walt Disney. 

I just want to let you know that this is a dual magic piece.  Who you choose to summon is your choice, meaning what magic you choose to obtain using this piece is up to you.  We don't necessarily condone black magic, but if that's what you're into this piece is capable of bringing it about.  The possibilities are endless with this piece. 



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