Kenneth Hampson was driving along a bush road just north of Bulawayo in Zimbabwe when a coba that had somehow got into his car spat a jet of venom into his eye!

Cobra venom has been known to cause blindness.

A bystander, who must have seen the attack, managed to pull Hampson from his car and pushed him towards his wife, who was breastfeeding a baby at the moment. "The man then ordered his wife to squirt some milk into his eyes"... local belief showcased that breast milk can neutralize the toxins in snake venom, and it worked!!

Hampson kept his eyesight and became an incredible man of erotic allure. The experience raged his libido and he is forever horny and sex crazed. His marriage begam to be affected because his wife could not handle his constant pawing at her, and he began to lust after others.

He seeked helped for the chaotic appeal he gained, and it was able to be extracted by Merlin.

This piece holds the invigorated sexual magic that was birthed from the breast milk in his eyes --- and will impeded itself within you!

For many the allure of constant sexual desire is something that is longed for -- so for you this is a piece that you will love!!

If you are single and looking for a good time, all the time, this will help your appeal to others and keep you ready and willing at a moments notice. Or maybe you, or your partner, is not as interested in sex as they once were? Well now you can attest a thrill within yourself, or them, and radiate the freelanced sexuality that radiates from this piece!

Hold on, as you are in for a wild ride --- you definetely will have the time of your life getting off day after day~!

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