The Person Within

This piece was made by the love of a dying wife for her husband. She was dying from a terminal disease and knew that he needed help. Her husband was shy and couldn't speak or act for himself and when she found out she wouldn't be around to help him or their children anymore she thought for days on a solution. She wished more than anything she could leave a part of herself with them to remind them speak up and live their life and be happy with themselves.

When she passed on something strange happened. She had asked to be cremated and so she was. She had also asked to have them poured in the garden out back she worked so hard when she was well to keep beautiful. As he was pouring the ashes into the dirt and sifting it in something emerged from the ashes. This piece was kept in their family for a generation or two because its powers wear off on the person who wears it but somehow it never loses power.

After wearing it myself for a week I felt more confident in myself and right at home with everything and all my decisions felt right. I couldn't believe how good it made me feel even after hearing its mysterious past. I no longer have to wear it but I still feel as good as if I were still wearing it. I even stopped second guessing myself. Well since it has done me good now it is up for grabs so it can empower somebody else.


I'm going to give you some more back ground on this piece because I gave it to Daisy myself. First off she had early acceptance into a top school in France but let that go because of what I call the RAT FACE boy friend. He is disgusting and will never go to school or better himself and his house is filthy. So she missed her chance to go there. Now she is in nursing school which is much better ( every one needs a doc) and she will make good money. She has a new boyfriend which I approve of. He is a sexy little Italian ham bone! He is really a little hottie,has class and wants to make something out of himself.  So this ring worked out. And it also saved me from having to lock him in my car again and try to kill him. So rat face is gone and ham bone is in!

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