1-25-09 I'm happy to bring to you custom conjurations from Raviniska with advantages. The advantages may even be better then the conjurations! I know I like the advantages! I wish I was an expert in conjuration, I'm not but I have done it and been successful. Still I would not want to do it for a living. It is hard work that requires lots of time and training. I have seen and felt the conjurations that Raviniska has completed and I have to say she is one of the best. I think this comes from her long life and ancient teachings along with how she was born. What your getting. A conjuration of your choice. It can be human, famous or not. Creature or other entity. You pick it. If you pick something that may not bond well or be safe for a living human you will be warned by email and be expected to respond. Due to this please have a list in order of what you like. Raviniska is also going to embed in this ring an automatic pulling out of your shadow. This is one of the most important things you can do. This is taking you to the light and leaving all negative, evil and bad energy behind. Why is this importantω If you truly want to progress then you need to cast off what has been sucking the life out of humans for so long. The dispertions against us from the beginning of time. The other advantage to the piece is spontaneous spiritual visions. You will also have protection against attacks from others both human and other wise. You will be also able to pass this on to others in your circle. This ring is in real gold and will take time to do. I will need your exact ring size as it must be worn in order to cast off the shadow and heal. The conjuration part doesn't matter but to use the other abilities it does. You can wear it around your neck but I did test these with Raviniska and the power is felt much more when worn on the finger. The healing was faster and with mine it had something else in it and both worked faster on the finger v on the neck. Due to the time they take I'm offering one for men and one for the ladies. When they are done and completed I will have more on for you.
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