One amazing find... this piece was used by Raviniska as a time piece that she would use to both freeze time and time travel through memories. This is an antique 1900 Parisian time piece that she stripped of its inners and put her power within the flower she enclosed.

Whenever you find yourself in a bind and are not sure what your next move should be, you can use this piece to allow you time to think while the people around you wait without knowledge. Are you someone who is indecisive? Then this piece will be of great use to you -- use this to make others think that you are more able to make a quick decision!

This is also able to let you travel through the time and space of former encounters -- Raviniska used this piece to go back and watch her attacks on her victims. Vampires love to see themselves in attack; it is like a massive orgasm for them... you can use this to travel back to memories that have been foreshadowed and pushed deep within your mind.

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