A Descender is born from a world's World Tree in a time of crisis. When a world is threatened, it uses its mana to give birth to a Descender to travel and use its power to protect the world which made him or her.<br /><br />

This piece holds the Descender of Earth ~<br /><br />

A Descender is born to love their world. They love them more than anything, which sometimes is not just as positive as other times. Some Descenders are blinded by their love for their world and therefore sacrifice many other worlds in order to restore it, while others love their world and its people so much that they feel lost and betrayed if the world forgets about them.<br /><br />

The actions of the Descender retrogrades the strength of the World Tree; thus granting immense power, or weakness. <br /><br />

It is said that after the Descender has fulfilled his or her mission, he or she will disappear, for there is no longer a need for a Descender. However, the spirit inside this piece will stay and watch over the new structure that they create. <br /><br />

Raviniska says that this piece holds, Ragon, a vampire descender who reawakened the memories within her of the vast silence that used to be in the World. Ragon is immortal and will continue to protect and was chosen due to his nature of being awake in our hours of sleep.<br /><br />

The power of a Descender is enormous, yet it is unknown just how strong it really is!<br /><br />

The Descender is incredibly strong regardless of how weak the World Tree becomes, it has been said that the stronger the World Tree's mana is, the stronger the Descender will be. <br /><br />

However, it is mana which sustains the life and power of the Descender—in the most dire straits, a lack of mana in the land can adversely affect the Descender, leading to projections of attack.<br /><br />

You will be the physical body that Ragon will interject his forces of power into. The pawn, as you will be noted, is the most radical component of the puzzle -- as you will gain all the strength, knowledge and understanding about the World Tree, which is a respect that is striven for by Occult masters!<br /><br />

This is your chance to awaken the seed from your soul that will blossom the interjections of the structure of how the world operates. You will be the chosen one.. thus allowing you to advance in the protagonist forces of magic. <br /><br />

Raviniska said this is one of the most strength filled pieces she ever encountered -- you will become a token player in the movement and progression of Earth; there is only 1 of these!<br /><br />

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