LIGHTNING ATTACK Slow-moving balls of lightning are sometimes seen floating in the sky and even inside buildings during or after thunderstorms. Sometimes they can be lethal~! In 1753, scientist Georg Richmann tried to 'capture' ball lightning in an experiment, but the glowing sphere exploded on his forehead - his clothes were fried by the high voltage, his shoes were blown from his feet, the door was torn from its hinges, and the door frame was split in half. Needless to say , he died instantly!! Ball lightning lasts for around 25 seconds, and is white, orange or blue. Nobody knows what causes it but over 10,000 cases have been recorded. In the instant that this lightning shocked his body a subliminal energy implored the advanced radiation factors in the realm of Buahia. This is a sacred realm that is very secretive; it is where majestic leaders combine their sources of power and connect with past leaders of pure force. We were able to call upon Richmann using a hygrometer that he used to work with. Pulling his strength forward gained full access to the Buahia Realm to the person who utilizes this piece! THIS IS AN AMAZING CHANCE TO GAIN ENLIGHTENMENT AND ACCESS TO THE PORTAL PLACE OF RAGING FORCE AND POWER! YOU WILL LEARN AND BE ABLE TO CHANNEL UNBELIEVABLE ENERGIES AND STRENGTH FROM THIS REALM -- THIS PIECE IS A ONE OF A KIND!! WE CAN NOT DO ANY MORE OF THESE PIECES,WE HAVE FIVE OF THEM. THIS REALM THAT IS SO SECRET HOLDS THE POWER OF ALL MAGICS EVEN THOSE IN OTHER DIMENSIONS. THESE ARE VERY EASY TO USE AND WE PICKED THESE BRACELETS BECAUSE FOR WHATEVER REASON THEY HELD THE POWER AND MADE IT STRONGER. THESE ORIGINALLY HELD THE POWER OF THE 7 WITCH SISTERS SO THIS IS WHY WE FEEL IT HELD SO WELL. THESE HAVE ALSO BEEN TESTED AND TESTED OVER AND OVER AGAIN WITH NO PROBLEMS.
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