This was a captured witch that was under a powerful sorcerer's spell and she had to pass on her child for sacrifice. She refused and was sent a manifested black being to stab her to death multiple times in her private parts and other organs. In this picture she is covered in black because she is so destroyed in her body. She was just stabbed way too many times. In this picture she is also dead; this is a postmortem locket with her living baby that was placed by its dead mother. On the back is her hair.

This was dug up in a location that through channeling she came through to Flamie when he was working with another item. We went out and dug and did find this locket. Those videos will be on YouTube soon, both the search for locket and what she said during the channeling. When she came through in channeling, she says “Red sails in the sunset, red sails on the shore.” And Flamie's face contorted.

She is now more powerful then most items because she sought to gain back her life which could not happen. This piece holds her spirit and she in death was able to steal all the power of the sorcerer that bound her and created a manifested being to kill her. She is able to show herself and create what you need to live and be happy. She can do this because she stole the power from him in her anger.

She is DEAD in the picture but the baby is alive.

See the YouTube video:
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