3-16-09 PEACHIE THE VANCUBUS I can feel your soft downy hair on my face and its velvet caresses and excites me. The sweet softness of your skin encourages my tongue and tempts my teeth, I want to bite, to devour, to feast as I take my first taste, The sweet honey seeps into my mouth and I drink the nectar, my thirsty tongue lapping at your seeping wound. I am intoxicated by the sugar odour that crawls through my sinuses into my brain, confusing and delighting my senses, controlling me with urges undefined. My mouth tingles against your wetness and I lick my moistened lips, catching every drop of your treasured gift. Every suck brings forth more and more of your heady juices and I am overcome, delighted and sated by you once again. When you need to just go to your safe place. This one can be controlled easy when you give him a little spare time. He wants to make you Happy! This is real gold and you will be given the real name. This vancubus resides inside here forever. Not only is there sex here but extreme power. This being was a dead vampire at one point which is why his ring looks like a coffin box. You must activate him to get the sex but for all other power you need to release him, he will release you,t hat's for sure. His power is extreme because when they come back they come back twice as powerful, at least this race does. This is a size 12
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