This piece is a sex box! The box is designed to advance your sexual experiences by utilizing items you use and invoking them with strong pleasuring powers.

You can place a condom within this box, lubriction, a small sex toy... anything that will be an essential part of your sexual activity.

Whether you self pleasure, or are with a partner, you will feel the most tantalizing energies flood your body. You will pull the alluring strengths of
Alyssa, an enchanted sex Goddess who will implore your body with generated releases of endorphins and exquisite sensations that will make you feel things you never experienced before!

This will excite and relax you, as you will release the brain chemicals you need to as you wish... not having to wait for someone else to maybe rock your socks off --- as not matter the skills of your partner, you will have a phenomenal time thanks to Alyssa... and if you masturbate you will explode with force like never before~

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