Output of Life, Love & Prosperity<br /><br />

This piece is empowered to bring forth the spirit of Denise Tharasan. Denise was born with a silver spoon in her mouth; she was the heiress of a flourishing beauty product company.<br /><br />

Her life was filled with pinnacle points of love and lust. Many men wooed her just to try and get into the family for financial purposes. It was hard for her to trust that someone loved her for who she was.<br /><br />

She was a lover of grand things and after having no success in love, she decided to travel and live as if she had no money to her name.<br /><br />

This she found to be very freeing and she expressed were some of the happiest days of her life. She had escaped to Denmark and lived there for 4 months. She took up a job helping at a thrift store; here she met all different people from many walks of life.<br /><br />

One man in particular peaked her interest, his name was Charles. Charles was working in Denmark on a 1 year assignment, he had a common job and was trying to advance -- and that is what willed him to take the year and show that he is serious about the company that he worked for.<br /><br />

A bracelet was brought in to the shop, it was a gold-tone link bracelet that was very plain. It seemed to be the perfect piece for Denise to have during this time when she was an 'ordinary' woman. She bought it and put it on her wrist. She felt good about where she was and not having to worry about the hype of her family's money.<br /><br />

She finally felt like she could just be herself -- truly, purely and honestly. <br /><br />

Charles came in to browse the shop and also Denise, and he commented on her bracelet. He said "that's a pretty piece, but it is missing something... it needs a charm, or two." Denise said she liked the simplicity of the piece. Charles was determined to get her attention and so her purchased her a charm that showcased a blue orb in a metal spiral. He was excited to give it to her and went back the next day.<br /><br />

He told her that he had a surprise for her --- he said the spirals remind you that you never know where your journey will take you, but that you can always stay centered if you are pure of heart. Denise loved the piece and she initiated asking Charles out for dinner.<br /><br />

He accepted and this began their whirlwind romance. By the time her 4 months was up Denise was totally in love -- she finally revealed herself and lifestyle to Crles after being sure that it wouldn't change anything! Charles had a few more months left for his work assignment, but they corresponded via phone and letter during that time. When he was done he was stationed back in the U.S., where Denise had been waiting. <br /><br />

She moved from Texas, to Louisiana to be Charles. They got married and lived an incredible life together. They were always bountiful in love and both worked hard to earn a living; Denise didn't want to live off of the money that her family made -- they had troubled times, but in the end they had a successful company that they endeared.  <br /><br />

With each milestone and success along the way -- another charm was purchased for Denise by Charles. Today the bracelet holds 8 charms. It is a powerful piece that holds energies of pure love, wealth, commitment, luck, happiness, memories and affection.<br /><br />

The charms include a caged heart with gems within it, this was given along with Denise's engagement ring when Charles proposed as he said she was caged within his heart forever. There is a red gem heart that she was given on their wedding day; a knot piece symbolizes their integrity that was given on their 10th anniversary, an oriental looking charm that showcases the logo of the company that they formed (which was a trendy chain of thrift stores), a prosperity charm that was bought when they reached financial success and were able to pay off their mortgage, a 'Happy Anniversary' charm that was a gift on their 50th wedding anniversary and a locket that used to house pictures of their two children.<br /><br />

Denise's charm bracelet had a variety of other pieces along the way, but as she got older she placed the most heartfelt and memorable ones on this bracelet. <br /><br />

The wrath of their success was constituted to fate and magic. You see the company that Charles worked for was a "medical" corporation and while in Denmark he was 'testing' a variety of their repertoire --- by messing with formulations of the elements.<br /><br />

Here he was casting spells and didn't even know it --- the formulation of powers fell upon him and Denise and brought them amazement. These charms are integrated with that magical essence and will preclude the enduring blessings upon you!<br /><br />

Denise passed away a few years ago and left this piece to her daughter, Mary. Mary thought it was a nice momentum to her family heritage.. but it never got worn and the vibes made her uncomfortable; she always thought her parents were a little strange and never believed that they were blessed by powers and magic.<br /><br />

Lindy met Mary last year at the Post Office while mailing out some orders -- after talking for a while, and learning about our business, Mary told Lindy about her family history and this bracelet.<br /><br />

The piece was bought and tested and is now available to you! You will be enriched with majestic energies that will cast a variance of purity to bring forth love, money and success. These are the common threads to everlasting assurance of living a life of happiness. <br /><br />

We get requests for pieces to help with these areas everyday -- we finally have an amazing piece that holds the full monty of enchanted prosperity!!<br /><br />

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