Revenge is a Bitch/F*

This item holds ultimate powers of revenge --- it will allow you to wreck vengeance on the person who has wronged you! When you bond with this item you will evoke the ability to cause the person who wronged you a lack of sleep; you will also be able to implant fear into their mind. This ability will help you as well by bringing inner peace and respect back into your own life.

When someone wrongs you it makes you question attributes of your life, wandering if something is wrong with you or asking yourself what you did to deserve what occurred?!

This item is fun and will bring you enjoyment in knowing that the grief and misery you have felt will occur to the person who caused it for you!! Revenge is a bitch and this piece is better than karma... it is a guarantee that your will shall be respected and your life can continue on with your head held high --- this will contribute confidence to you simply by enabling you to rid your spirit of the constant restraint that harmed your aura.

Simply Amazing and worth every penny --- !! I love this piece :-)

I used this item a year ago and since have learned that my ex is now 30 pounds heavier and no one is interested; the ripped gymnast who turned heads no longer gets a second look! I got a voice mail that entailed the mistake that was made and told me how great of a person I am ~! This was the ultimate revenge, knowing that they realized what they had and that they can wallow in their choice and mistake for the rest of their life... always questioning what could have been!

I am happy and know that the mistake of my ex- allowed me to gain confidence and security in myself --- thanks to this amazing piece. I have held on to it for the whole year and Deedee just remembered about it last week and I had to fess up that I still had it ~ I am glad that someone else will now be able to cleanse their life of a nasty person who has done them wrong; you will enjoy this!
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