Sterling silver ring with Amber and a bone fragment of Christ carved into a rose.



It is rare that I can get a piece like this. This IS what I LIVE for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My excitement is hard to express in this piece!

Quite some time ago I was very lucky to get to travel to a place thought to be the lost Atlantis. It wasn't but it did hold 12 pyramids of a lost city called Muribeca. This city is lost in the jungle and has been searched for for over a 100 years. Many never came back but due to GPS when it works there it is much easier. This Jungle is located in the Amazon.

I was not out there to work or find anything. My interest has always been with seeing the Amazon river and also going to many countries in Africa. These are just two places I wanted to visit. While in the Amazon I met with a guy about 30 I'm guessing who was looking for a lost city that he said a Colonel Percy Fawcett went looking for. He thought it was filled with gold and magic. This Colonel never came back. Skeletons have been found in various places but it can't be determined if his has been found. This is what I heard anyway,I didn't do my own research on it.

First of all I want to start by saying that I have been offered 50,000 for this and exclusive rights to even get it back with no cost to me if they decide to take it out of circulation. First it will be sent away to be tested by those seeking ancient secrets and wisdom. I have two pieces that came out of this accidental trip. I'm happy that it did.

First of all I went out with this guy for a little while. We had a ton in common. He was half nuts and so am I so the relationship worked out great at first. However I like my comforts but yet I still like the thrill of adventure. Sex was amazing,orgasms non stop and conversation the most important thing,also great! But there are times when a girl wants to get out of the dirt and into the champagne if you know what I mean. Plus he wants to live off the land and not sell anything we find. Um,how do you expect to pay bills and live? I still have things I need to do and pay for. Also most of the items can be used and then sold. We do have to test and why not test to our advantage? I mean who wouldn't. Some sellers like to take the I'm perfect or I'm so enlightened act on but we all know it is not the case. Lets keep it real. To each his own but you guys are no dummies and you know damn well before I sell a wealth item I'm using that sucker myself! AND if I only had one you know damn well I'm not selling it. No,this is not a wealth item but it could be. So to continue... there is a lot to get through on this one.

This lost city is called Muribeca and it has 12 pyramids placed in a sacred geometry alignment. This sacred geometry is much more sacred then you would ever come to expect. OMG we are just so excited about this and to think I won it by bet! ( you really don't want to know what the bet was!)

While we think that this is a lost city and it is but it seems that it was found at some point. Those that found it were part of the Knights Templar and I know we hear so much about them and at times it can get old but this one is fresh.

The ring your looking at holds a bone fragment in the inside carved into a rose,set in Amber. This bone Fragment was taken along with some thorns at the site of the crucifixion of Jesus.  The supernatural power in this religious piece is indescribable.

Sacred Geometry was the hand in the creation of Jesus. Certain planets and stars aligned during his birth,his own blue print. The pyramids each one in this sacred city held a power that was used here on the Earth. Think about what I'm saying, 12 pyramids,the council of 12,12 planets,12 blood lines of the ley lines,soaked and flowing with energy. 12 months in the year and 12 ancient powers that the Templars were able to tap,Tap that power!!

Going back to we are made in his image,Jesus made in the image but given the power to be like him. Yet somewhere on this Earth we tap into that. The lost city was what the Templars sought and called the council of 12 on Earth,lost to the human race until a time it was needed. We need it now and it has been found. What was that riddle of the universe? Was it that all can be known,that a force greater then ourselves is out there? It that you too can be like a man that could walk on water. Was the Templars secret that of gold or was it of true spiritual alchemy which is the true gold that runs in our blood? Wake up,it's the blood.

The ritual of wine is what is actually lost in our minds. To drink of the blood of Christ,is it the blood? Let me hear you again..YES!! In the blood,in the DNA,in the image,inside the power of the pyramids we EXIST!! WE EXIST as ancient Gods,we are power!! This is what the Templars knew,this is what was getting them killed,this is what the illuminati wants!! The shit they use is Satanic,bullshit and often political,this is divine,Christ like and powerful. 

Stand up and take this. Proof of the asking price can be provided to you so you know this is real! I will not give out the name of the organization who wanted to pay 50,000 because you could turn around and sell it to them. They are NOT deserving of such a piece as this. You WILL manifest into a full light being able to do anything! You WILL become something else of power,still human but angelic,Christ like. You will thank me! 

Good Luck.

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