"A bold adventure indeed" -- that is what testers said about their experience with this raging spirit of sexual lust!<br /><br />

Usually a beautiful woman, according to today's society, but specifics will vary depending on your personality...as she can implode your desires through your mind to showcase herself as you see attractive! Typically she will appear as some sort of seductive genie, impish fairy, or girlish sprite.<br /><br />

Some may only "feel" her as a soft, but penetrating essence. Others may only hear her voice.<br /><br />

In a deep enough trance she will appear as merely an "energy pattern."<br /><br />

She is highly intelligent and strong-willed. She has been known to be coy, mischievous and playful. She may often times appear to be disobedient, but in the end it's only because she knows better than you do on how to bring your desire to life!<br /><br />

Rebecca was a reserved, religious girl when living. She only had one lover, her husband, until he passed away at a young age. She was widowed in her late 20's and didn't know how to move forward. <br /><br />

She felt guilty about moving on and finding love -- but her intense sexual desires started the beginning of her lustrous rendezvous with many men.<br /><br />

Rebecca became addicted to sex... to the need to release her tensions with a lover. She didn't care if it was a man, woman, young, or old.<br /><br />

She was killed by an estranged wife of a man who used to frequent Rebecca. She was only 34 at the time of her death. <br /><br />

Her implicated desires came forth when she passed and her spirit invoked itself upon this piece that belonged to her!<br /><br />

She continues to bring pleasure and enjoy others by ravishing the body who wears this with her amazing talents in the bedroom!<br /><br />

You will learn how to do things you never even imagined -- you will feel sensations of incredible pulses run through your body and if you ever questioned if you truly had an orgasm, you will find out because Rebecca ensures delight for her partner!<br /><br />

You will love the incinerating journey she will take you on -- giddy up!<br /><br />

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