Rock Bottom to See the Light<br /><br />

As a boy, Corey Kurtz went to church with his mother every Sunday. But it was the time he spent with his father the rest of the week that really shaped his life.<br /><br />

Corey always held fear inside of him when he was with his father as he was unaware of the status of his drinking... often his father would come home drunk and then Corey would have to deal with physical abuse, or at minimal verbal abuse. <br /><br />
His father confessed that he did drink a lot, he says that he partied really hard. After his divorce from Corey's mother, he was somber and Corey was a constant reminder of the pain. <br /><br />

When he was 13, Corey quit going to church and followed in his father’s footsteps. He started using drugs and alcohol.<br /><br />

He recalls that the substances that he used gave him a numbing feeling. It kept him in a non-reality... he was trying to escape the drinking problem his dad had that caused dismay upon his family and then honed the same issue upon himself.<br /><br />

There were a lot of consequences for Corey, he got in trouble with the police a lot. He also stayed in trouble and home and school. <br /><br />

His lifestyle and consequences caught up with him when he was 19. After a long day of partying and drinking with friends, he got behind the wheel of his car and played chicken with oncoming traffic.<br /><br />

Corey recalls, “I would get into the oncoming lane and see how close I could get to that vehicle without hitting it and swerve back into my lane. When I swerved to get out the way of the vehicle, that’s when my vehicle started to flip. I was thrown out of the vehicle. My best friend told me that, after the vehicle stopped rolling, he had to kick his way out of the passenger side door. He finally found me about 20 to 30 feet out in the woods by the side of the road. He told me that when he found me I was covered in blood. He wouldn’t even touch me, because he knew I had been severely injured.”<br /><br />

Kurtz spent the next 30 days in the intensive care unit of a Philadelphia hospital. He was paralyzed from the chest down. When he finally returned home, the reality of his condition set in.<br /><br />

"For the first three months or so after I got home from the hospital, I wouldn’t even get out of bed. I would barely eat. I wouldn’t allow my parents to take care of me. I fell into a deep, deep depression.”<br /><br />

"When he realized he could not walk or move, he would sit in the hallway in his wheel chair and wail, just wail and cry for hours on end," Mike, Corey's father, says. "There was nothing I could do. There was just nothing I could say or do.”<br /><br />

Corey said, “As far as he was concerned, his life had been completely ripped away from him. He saw absolutely no hope, absolutely no light at the end of that extremely dark tunnel.<br /><br />

The tragedy that was his abusive life as a child, hindered his future --- it was on a downward spiral. Things got extremely bad. Corey then made it his goal to drink as much alcohol and do as many drugs as he possibly could in hopes that he would definitely overdose; he didn't want to live!<br /><br />

Eventually he got out of the house and back into the party scene. This time the drugs and drinking got harder. Corey was arrested for drugs and illegal gun possession and sentenced to two years in prison.<br /><br />

"I was in prison," he says. "I was 22 years old. I was paralyzed and in a wheel chair, and I was facing the most difficult time I had faced in my entire life. I finally realized that I had done things my way for nine long years, and all I had done was mess up my life. I decided that I’m going to just turn it all over to God.<br /><br />

 As the song goes, ‘Surrender all to Jesus Christ.’ I made the choice to face the rest of my life with Jesus Christ in my heart and the Holy Spirit leading me and guiding me. Over those next two years it was like going through God school. Really, I just spent my entire day with the Lord.”<br /><br />

Corey forgave his father for the years of abuse and prayed that he would turn his life over to Jesus and find freedom from alcohol. Before his sentence was over his prayers were answered.<br /><br />

Corey told me that his father cried out to God. He asked Him for mercy and God showed mercy and right then and there delivered him from alcohol. God definitely answered my prayers.”<br /><br />

Both Corey and his father were on a straightened track... they were out from their depression and were uplifted through divine intervention.<br /><br />

Corey has now been out of prison for 3 years and is happily married. The scars on his body are a reminder of the consequences of the lifestyle he used to live.<br /><br />

The change in priority and feeling of having a purpose precluded the negative components that led his life in the past.<br /><br />

God will definitely turn your tragedies into triumph and victory. He’ll definitely right your wrongs. He’s definitely has done that for Corey and Mike.<br /><br />

From a childhood of abuse to a life of remarkable enlightenment, Corey has prospered into a divine healer. His life's ambition has changed and his scars are stories to showcase to others what a dark path looks like.<br /><br />

His trite relationship with his new found presence on this Earth provoked reiki healing into his body. This empowered him tremendously and he was able to generate invocations upon items.<br /><br />

Deedee met Corey at a conference in Washington. He was there to unite his bond with others of divine portrayal. After talking with Deedee he revealed that he can fortify his powers into vessels and offered one to her.<br /><br />

This item is very advanced with true power. It will relieve stress by balancing your physical, mental, and emotional states. It also will increase energy and boost your immune system; this helps in reducing anxiety and pain. The piece also resonates the promotion of the elimination of blockages that are caused by stress, injury, tension and emotions. It is a connectivity emblem that will instill the Holy Spirit within your soul.<br /><br />

The invocation of white light power that Corey placed within this piece can be extremely useful and a piece of true blessing for the person who bonds and believes!<br /><br />


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