Do you desire beauty and sex? Well this piece will bring your wishes to life ~ Most people have one way of making love, their technique is consistent and becomes predictable and can lead to the sense of the same old routine. This is not saying that this way you do it is not pleasurable for you, or your lover, but it is time to spice things up a bit! Keeping the bedroom an enticing area is what keeps the honeymoon phase of a relationship alive. The erotic history of passion and delight in this piece is incredible. This belonged to a Gangster who received it as payment for a debt; he was told that it would bring him more sexual desire and that he would become more attractive to others. This was noted to have been pioneered by a Sorcerer who granted them sexual powers! The Gangster didn't have to kill anyone for lying to him, as this has worked wonders for him for years! We are excited to have this item, and if you are single you will attract more people and they will be drawn to your charisma; this bringing more people to your bed. You will be enhanced with your sexual actions, and better understand how to pleasure your lover... you will have no fear of trying new things! If you are in a committed relationship then only wear this when you are with your partner -- this should be worn for at least 3 hours prior to having intercourse. The powers in the piece need to elude inside your body to prepare you to be raunchy and raw ~ This is a must have piece if you are in need of sex, or simply want powers to become a more aggressive, sporadic lover!
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