Even years after his existence, the true identity of the Man in the Iron mask goes unsolved.  Well, for the most part it goes unsolved.  Obviously, we have been able to solve this mystery, or I wouldn't be doing this write up right now.  Little is known of the Man in the Iron Mask, except for the fact that he didn't look like Leonardo Dicaprio or his celebrity doppelganger Matt Damon.  What is known is that the French were terrified of him.  In fact, they were so terrified of him that they forced him to walk around with his head in a bird cage at all times.  He was forced to wear that mask at all times.  If he were to even try to take it off, the orders were shoot to kill.  And nobody of the times ever seemed to know why.

In 1698 a criminal who used the name Eustache Dauger arrived at the Bastille, which was the 17th Century French version of Alcatraz.  Prior to his arrival here, he had spent twenty to thirty years in and out of jails across the country.  Upon his arrival at the Bastille, he was shoved in a room, iron mask and all, without being allowed to even as much as speak unless it was to ask for food, water, or to use the bathroom, which he didn't really need as I will tell you later.  What's more is that people were forbade to speak about him, even though everyone knew who he was.  The only official affidavit that was drawn up on the man, tells us that he was prisoner number 64389000, which tells us pretty much diddly squat as to the true identity of the Man in the Iron Mask.  It has been speculated that he was anyone from a high-profile political figure to the rightful heir to throne, itself.  Nobody will really ever know for certain who the Man in the Iron Mask was, because even in death his identity was shrouded in mystery.  He was quickly disposed of after death and still not talked about.  Who was this man, then?

Well, I recently received this item, and there is only one of them.  Turns out that this item, which was actually made by a Necromancer/Wizard that I met years ago, holds the true knowledge of the Man in the Iron Mask.  For beginners the Iron Mask was not merely a mask.  It was a mask the held a spell of submission for the man that wore the mask.  The man the wore the mask wasn't merely a man, either.  Rather, he was a vampire who was thousands of years old when his existence was destroyed.  I'd say when he died, but he was immortal and had to be destroyed and burned to fully dispose of his physical presence.  He stayed around in his spiritual presence, which is how he is attached to this item.  He was originally stuck in the mask because he was ordered by Louis XIV to give him all of his powers and when the vamp wouldn't he was somehow subdued or tricked into putting this mask on, which would dictate his actions for the rest of his physical existence. 

For years the French Royalty tried to negotiate with the vampire, but they were unsuccessful in doing so until he was finally executed.  His spirit has been floating around since then.  He is summoned through this piece, which was again made by a wizard I know that specialized in necromancy and all beings of the dead and undead.  I am not going to say his name in this listing, because I don't want anyone else to be able to summon him in the meantime.  When you get the piece, the power in the piece will give you his name.  It will summon him to you, and it will also give you all the powers of a fully sanguine vampire.  The vampire will not hold back in giving you all of his sanguine ability, just to spite the French and the fact that they tried to force him to give up his magic.  It is the perfect resurrection of power, for which you will be the sole benefactor!  Enjoy the immense amount of power in this item, as this piece is seriously powerful!!


This is Sterling silver and the only one of it's kind.

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