Dean Karnazes is an American long-distance runner capable of inhuman feats of endurance, such running 50 marathons in each of the 50 states ... in 50 consecutive days. Which he totally did.~!

He's run a marathon on every continent twice over and run 350 miles nonstop over three sleepless nights.

Dean is noted as the "Ultramarathonman."

Back in 2007, Dean attempted to run from New York City to San Francisco, but had to stop in St. Louis, ravaged by disappointment. That is to say, this man has such a level of endurance that running 1,000 miles is disappointing to him. Karnazes has such an impressive list of achievements that when Time magazine listed him as one of their 100 most influential people of 2007, stopping his cross-continental run short was pretty much the only negative thing they could come up with. Then Karnazes completed the very same run in 2010 in 75 days and shut Time up with his completion without any stops!

Everything about Karnazes' body makes him a finely tuned running machine. A medical study was performed on him after he completed his 50-state marathonapalooza.

First, they measured his CPK number, which shows the amount of damage your muscles sustain from exercise. So for instance, a normal runner's CPK would be through the roof after a marathon -- around 2,400. Karnazes' was found to be at 447 ... after 25 consecutive marathons.

The study found that his muscles not only damage much less with exercise than the normal person's, they actually get used to continuous exercise and stop being damaged altogether, sort of like if Wolverine were a perpetual motion machine.

The study also found that he has more blood in his circulatory system than the average person, which allows him to stay more hydrated for longer and may or may not indicate that he is a day-walking  vampire. But finally (and most impressively), they concluded that as long as he can keep himself properly hydrated and fed, he could potentially run at a seven- to 10-minute-mile pace forever.

We knew this man was a rarity and contacted him to utilize his extreme gift. This item has been implored with his sweat, which has energized it to bring a change within you, one that will prevail a new endurance and appreciation of exercise. You may not become an avid runner, but testers were implemented with confidence and a heightened level of endurance which led them to want to be more active.

One man lost almost 60 pounds, as he went from eating unhealthy and vegging on the sofa, to wanting to be outside and go walking and ride bike --- he starting to lose weight and in turn began eating healthy and now is a powerhouse!

From overweight to the sexiest man in the neighborhood --- is this appealing to you?

This will work for both men and women -- and the energies from his DNA that were enriched by his sweat will send a radiant charge into your body -- things will be excelled in no time when you connect with this piece!!

**Sterling pin that holds the image of a horse, as Karnazes is like a horse, able to run and run without lag --- and horses are also diplomats in the sense of beauty, so when we had him generate his eneriges into a piece, we thought this was only fitting~!

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