There isn’t too much to say about this item, as it is pretty much straight forward. If you are down on your luck then this is the perfect piece for you. Why? Well, this piece contains five spirit gnomes. There is one spirit per gnome on this pin. You can use this pin to summon the spirit gnomes to manifest themselves, and their power, too you. These gnomes are very versatile and can rise against to overcome any situation you may find yourself in. The names of these gnomes are as follows (from left to right) RANAULT:: brings you extreme wealth and monetary blessings VALERIAN:: brings you spiritual health, which will cleans your soul and aura. Physical well-being starts with spiritual well-being, so this gnome also promotes physical health and healing as well. ZELIG: maybe you are lacking in the luck department. Maybe your dates suck. Maybe you can’t get that promotion you’ve been busting your hams for. Well luck does just that... assures your good luck and steady advancement of your life’s positioning. SAGE: brings you the secrets of the Russian magic craft. The Russians seem to have a special knack for predicting the future. You will receive this ability and MANY more with the power of Russian magic. ARDAL: This piece releases all psychic powers of the mind. Essentially it opens your third eye and gives you free range over all of your extra-sensory perceptions.
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