Radionic Past Life Rings -TOA

Both of these rings are made of glass, rock that holds all the planetary positions. When worn, they heat up to your body temperature and then begin to send images to your mind of your past lives. Each session of wearing the ring will show you another life unless the one you first see is not done showing you all it needs to. Past life exploration is very important because it may be the only way to find the answers you need. You could still be waiting for closure for events that happened centuries ago. It's nearly impossible to understand who you are without knowing where you came from.

These rings may be worn on the finger or toes. If worn on the toes ( they are finger sized) they will also promote healing. However healing is NOT the main function of these rings it is for past life knowledge mainly. What makes these rings amazing is that Radionics is used so much added energy and power is added to them making for a successful past life experience and being able to take from it power of the previous life. That means all the skills, talents and abilities you had in past lives are still there, just waiting for you to reclaim them!

Radionic Past Life Rings -TOA
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