Raging Red Revenge

Raging Red Revenge Gods And Goddess's Hear My Plea Make red eyes come to me Big and red they shall be Gods and goddess's hear my dark remedy This calling force resonates within this piece. You will gain an appeal of dark magic that will evade the remnants of your spirit, and showcase a red hue in your eyes... thus allowing you to control others with your mind~! A strong generative item born with a dark spark, this will introduce the ability to showcase your devious side with the strength of being able to make others do as you wish -- and do things to them just by quantum thoughts that will evoke with a simple glance into your radiant red eyes! ** This piece should be looked into as you make the plea, one time per eye, for 5 nights -- then the sensational impartment will impede your spirit~! The follicle holds a raging purple stone that energizes with your color of eye to infringe the red hue. Very odd, unique and powerful item.
Raging Red Revenge
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