Raphaela: Walking Angel of the Lord

Raphael:  Walking Angel of the Lord<br /><br />

This piece is exemplary of the ultimate powers from Heaven.  We have a lot of white light pieces and some pieces that even hold the blessings and powers of God.  This piece and the power in it supercedes all those items that claim to have the ultimate powers of God.  This piece has the ultimate blessing from God that allows you to enjoy his direct presence and divinity.  <br /><br />

This piece draws from the powers and abilities of a young man named Tobias.  His story is told in the book of Tobit, which was his father.  Tobit was righteous man living in Nineveh after the relocation of the Iraelites to Assyria in 721 BC.  Tobit was righteous in the ways of the Lord and he was given special powers that he passed on to his son Tobias.<br /><br />

Long story short, Tobit became sick with blindness, but still wanting to keep his promise to the Lord of proclaiming the truth through miracles, he sends his son, Tobias, to cleanse a young woman, Sarah, of a demon.  Sarah had been cursed with the presence os Asmodeus, the demon of lust.  Asmodeus had killed seven of her husbands, one right after the other, before her marriage could become consecrated. <br /><br />

God sends Raphael, his archangel, disguised as Tobit's kinsman to assist Tobias on his journey.  Along the journey, Raphael teaches Tobias the Way of the Lord.  He is given abilities from God that are only reserved for the most powerful of Angels.  Along the way Raphael teached Tobias the "Way of the Lord." 

You too, will receive an angel.  This piece is a walking angel.  She is very old and is very powerful.  Her abundant knowledge and understanding of the "Way of the Lord" was given to her because she is a descendent of Raphael.  She is sent to walk with you the same way Raphael was sent to walk with Tobias.  She is from the 1700s and is depicted in the locket, which is the piece you will be getting.  Her name is Raphaela, after her founding father. Upon her passing into the afterlife, her body was secretly canonized and taken to a secret catacombs that was constructed under the Vatican and holds a vast quantity of what are known as "secret saints." 

This piece resurrects her walking path to bring her to you.  She will open up secrets from God, including dominion over all evil entities, energies and powers.  She will manifest spiritual and monetary abundance in your life.  You will receive holy psychic and telekinetic energy from God, which are the ones he uses to communicate with spirits and angels.  He also uses this power to receive and answer prayers and to interject human thought.

Raphaela will manifest the "Way of the Lord" to you.  "The Way" includes the ability to hold secret prophecy from the Lord, perform the white light miracles of the Lord that are necessary for physical and spiritual healing, and intercessory powers that will allow for you to have direct communication and dialogue with the Lord.  These powers aren't just powers that are sent to you from God, rather they are God.  These powers are God manifesting his Earthen presensce via your magical, incarnate, vessel.  It will also give you the powers associated with the, "Way of Lord," which include his white magic creationary powers that allowed him, for instance, to appear in a burning bush to Moses, or part the Red sea, etc.<br /><br /> 
This piece has been cast in beatiful gold and ornate with real sea pearls.  The splendor of the piece is what allows Raphaela to maintain her divinity and her amazing powers.  To use this piece, simply put a lock of your hair in the locket and allow Raphaela to bond with your soul and manifest her presence.  She will walk with you  and give you the gift of her powers.  <br /><br />

This piece is amazing, and I'm sure it won't last long. If you are looking at this piece, I'm sure it's not sheer chance.... it must be destiny.  Why prolong the inevitable?  Make this piece yours today!! <br /><br />

Raphaela:  Walking Angel of the Lord
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