Raviniksa's Robbing Mind Ring

This is one of the AMAZING pieces that were just brought in from some of our most empowered invokers!

Here is your chance to get a deal that will not last long!

Raviniska has a piece directly from the Sphinx that allows you to exchange minds with another for as long as you wish. So you can make someone get your thoughts and you get theirs -- it is a mind swap piece that will regiment fun and allow for you to get others to think the way you want!! This is one of my favorites~!

Several of the testers utiilized this to get promotions at work, get people they were attracted to -- to want them as well, and impart their ideas and concepts that they wanted to see occur go into the mind of local and state affiliates in our state!!


The possibilities are truly endless and are extremely powerful with this exquisite ring!!


You must be within a 3 foot radius of the person in order to kinetically swap minds with them~!

Raviniksa's Robbing Mind Ring
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