Raviniska's Clone of Power

This ring was given to Raviniska in the Holy of Holies, it holds a cloning gem of power that will grant you the ability to clone any power that you see utilized around you!! The center stone holds the strength an it has two small crystals that port and pull in the energies to allow the cloning to occur. By wearing this piece your body will attribute the facets of emissions that will allow you to sense, feel and "see" the regiments of pure power and clone it so that you can utilize it for yourself! Raviniksa also implemented the piece with a kinetic astral connection to her, so that she can help you with the process. ** Now you will never be jealous of people around you, as you will see how and why they are getting ahead and be able to utilize their own skills against them, by cloning their processes and power! ~ 18KT High Gold Fill band~
Raviniska's Clone of Power
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